Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A break from our regular program...

So I had to brag on the fruits of our farm! The above pic is a pear crumble, made with farm fresh pears off of my mothers tree. Just a touch of dried cranberry for some tartness and buttery, brown sugary, oatmealy topping it is way yummy if I do say so myself!
These are my canning efforts from this month. A neighbor offered us some grapes so I brought home a 5 gallon bucket full and got 2 batches of jelly and some juice left over for breakfast. My mothers fig trees are bearing really well this year so the lighter colored jam is fig. Fig jam is very pretty to look at in the jar and YUMMY on toast or pork roast. I can't wait to find apples in NC to can those as well, we'll be stocked up for Christmas and next year!

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