Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, February 27, 2010

More lambies...

The two white ram lambs were actually born Thursday morning, just took me a while to get pics and post them. This is the last of the first string of babies. The older girls are also bred 3-4 of them and they are at least 3-4 wks out I think, big, just no bags yet.

Whos who?? This is the first day the white babies were turned out so they are still trying to figure out who mom is...

This is Bumbly 09's ram lamb, he's pretty cute actually. She is one of my favorite ewes anyway, very nice temperment, both to work and be around, also nicely built. She was a maiden this year as well.

This is Hope '09 with her ram lamb again, the pic just turned out real nice:-)

Bumbly '09 ram lamb with a big jump right before playing small racetracs with the other lambs.

Cute photo op... The black ewe on the right is the other Thursday baby. Funny the ewes are almost identically marked, year apart in age though.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cuter everyday!

The babies are cuter than ever! Its been a crazy week but they have been really easy. They are doing really well with potty training. I usually only have one mess from overnight and they cry to go out in the am. They've been sleeping through the night from 9pm to about 7am but its earlier than that when they start crying... What a fun group they are!

Trace is just as sweet as they come. A big boy but loves his people...

The troublemakers... Brenn and Faith are usually into something. If not he is beating her up

Trace and Faith playing King of the Mountain (of mushroom compost) they had a ball trying to run up the mound and then rolling down. Funny... Quite the explorers:-)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend puppy pics

Warning lots of pics! The trio were just too cute this weekend. Clumsily running around playing with Sally, who is the best babysitter ever!

Brenn's tummy, he loves to roll around on his back

Faith and Sally have unspoken words, I think Sally said "Come on you need to play its lots of fun" and then Faith said " I'd rather not I might get all my pretty white dirty". Sally won her over to the dark, er... dirty side eventually.

See the dirt particles on Faith now?:-)

Faith and her pretty free stack

Trace says to Sally "When I grow up I want to be just like you", I say "No you don't!":-)

Trace and Sally having a good time so he can learn all of her dirty tricks. I guess I should have re-thought the babysitter? That is why parents don't hire babysitters with piercings all over and fishnet tights, I guess.

Trace and Faith finally get to play with someone their own size.

Sally finally got Brenn right where she wanted him, and he loved it! He is turning out to be quite the little Beli troublemaker of the group. But its always in the most adorable way!

Brenn finally starting to wind down and can you see the bubble above Faiths head as she heads off? She looks like trouble, I think she snuck off with some sheep wool.

Oh there it is Brenn stole it back!:-)) What fun it is to be a puppy! He sure is proud of that fuzz, look at that tail!

First lambs are here!

So last night we began lambing, 2010 lambing is under way! I forgot how much work it is:-)) Both maiden ewes one yearling and one two year old. Cocoa (yearling) had a nice ram lamb, with difficulty and then thought he might be the boogey man, all is well now though. Second (1hr later) 35, had a HUGE ewe lamb, I rather hoped that she would twin but oh well. The lamb is suprizingly alive this am with some breathing difficulty. She is doing much better though and will hopefully pull through. 35 is a wonderful mother, just like her mom.

35 and ewe lamb

Cocoa and ram lamb nursing

Cocoa and ram lamb '10

Friday, February 19, 2010

Babies @ 4wks

I can't believe they are already 4 weeks old! Time does fly. It was a beautiful day today and the puppies spent it on the front deck. They got visitors and new toys! The new toys were a hit, the tunnel was figured out in about 3 minutes by everyone. The new toys had to be carried around and shown off to the unlucky puppy that didn't have one. It was a great day to be a puppy!

Trace being cute as usual.

Faith, pretty as usual:-)) She loved the tunnel, best thing since sliced bread...
Sorry no Brenn pics (whom I think is a fluffy:-(((() he was having a big nap at picture time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Mr. Oli

I took Abby and Oliver out for pictures today. Got some decent ones...these are some of the outtakes.

Oliver being sweet for a cookie!

Oliver and Abby siblings pic...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Great Outdoors

The puppies got their first taste of the outdoors today. It was a beautiful day today and seemed like the perfect idea.

Faith did not like the idea at all. She is not yet fond of change, she cried the whole time, well until she fell asleep.

Trace was just glad that all of us were around, he loves his people!

Brenn had the best time of them all! He was trucking around the deck checking out all the other dogs and thought it was the greatest idea ever, I'm glad we could agree on something.

This is Brenn on his adventure. I did not expect this of him, so he's moving right along. Faith is sure to follow soon but she is definitly her mothers daughter right now.
Sorry there are no gruel pics, those are soon to come! They are eating really well but I've not been able to get great pics of them. I will try this week.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Finally got puppy pics this week, its been crazy! They are big, up on their feet and trucking around now. I try and take them to different rooms on different surfaces every day or so. They are doing great, I will start weaning this weekend and boy are they ready! I chose to make Strawberry Jam and yogurt yesterday instead of puppy mix, bad mom I am... They are very playful and tail wagging already!
So hopefully I'll get some pics of their first meals this weekend, maybe even tomorrow.

Trace and Brenn

Faith and Brenn

Faith again, she sure is cute!

Trace, he is as cute and sweet as they come! First one to come greet me waggin his tail the whole way:-))

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More pics

Yeah even more pics to share! I'm trying to get Handbook pics of the dogs so it takes a lot of shots to get just the one you want:-)) Today I got working shots of Abby, Rosy and Sally and a couple stacked pics of Tag, Sallys brother, though he was having a bad hair day so only the front shots turned out.

Rosy fetching, she is only 10 months so that is about all we do that I can take pictures of while working.

No she does not have a bad tail set, she was very full of herself:-)
ZOOM! I love the pic though, you can really see her turn off the sheep here.

Abby flanking on the drive, bratty sheep are trying to run back to the barn
Fetching, and now Abby is tired since we fought each other almost the whole time, sigh...

Sally fetching the fenceline

I know you can't see the sheep but you can see her intensity which I love:-)

This is Tag, Sallys brother (Beli X Abby)
Raglan's Your It- Tag

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oliver X Laura kids

Here are Oliver and two of his pups from Laura, last year.

Ch Raglan Oliver at Arylan PT
(Token X Libby) at 4.5yrs
Oliver is a wonderful dog, I love him to pieces and am so glad to have him back here again! Just got his PT in December, lots of heel to him, when working. These two pups looked good the one time we had them on stock too! Sorry no grooming, now I sure wish I had:-)

Cornerstone's Rejoice "Joy"
(Oliver X Laura) at 8 months

Cornerstone's No Intro Needed
(Oliver X Laura) at 8 months
Both very nice puppies. Nick is really coming into himself now those big pretty boys just need some time:-) What nice expressions they both have too! Their brother Mio in VT just got his first points last weekend, first weekend out! Yeah....
Thanks again Rita!

Stacked pics

I got new stacked pics of some of the dogs! Rita Hellegers came out and helped take pics, I just had to whip up biscuits and homeade Chicken Noodle soup for a bribe:-))

Cornerstone Revalation at Raglan
(Beli X Mara) at almost 11 months
Is'nt she pretty!! I just love her... And works like a dream too, I'm going to try for pics of that tomorrow!

Raglans It had to be Ewe "Abby"
(Token X Libby) at 4.5yrs
Not the best of Abby but she is hard to get good pics of she gets really girly if you try and force stack her. She is entered next month to try and get her HX, fingers crossed... I really need to send her out to finish though!

Raglans Ewe Too HSAs "Sally"
(Beli X Abby)
Nice pic of Sally, its the only one I have. So much I do like about her, what a fantastic natural herding dog! And her humour! At only 2.5yrs old, she already has RHIT, HIT and placements in her large started classes here in FL. Very smart and just the puppy that could'nt leave here...
I'll try and post some of the others. We got to take some of Oliver X Laura puppies at 8 months and also Beli's granddaughter.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February is puppy month!

OK I know I'm a couple days late, once again picture troubles... So this month since the puppies are going to be growing lots I figured they could be the header on the blog! So I'll change it once a week plus weekly pics, it'll be all puppy all the time! Well not really but as close as I can get:-)

He's Back!!!!

Well I'm so heartbroken to say that the FOX is back. My Swede hen was sitting on a nest and now she is just gone, no sign, nothing. I am a little suprized that there are no feathers but he's done it before. I'm just sick... This is the new group of ducks too since the last 16 were all taken by the fox one by one. I have no problem killing him since he's made his life off of our poultry but you don't hardly ever see him and when you do, well we don't walk around our property with a rifle to kill the fox since he only comes 2-3x's per week. I just hate it!!! The trappers are too expensive and have no guarantee either. I'm just mad and needed to vent...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Introductions and Industrialism...

Introducing Beli and Lauras puppies... I want to see if anyone can tell me what the theme is??

Boy #1- now known as Trace- Raglans Rough and Ready

Boy #2 now known as Brenn- Raglans Simple Things

The girl now known as Faith- Raglans Wild One

Lastly in other industrious news... I got a hay feeder put up in the barn. I think the ewes are a month out, maybe some are less, spotty boy ram must have taken a while to get down to business... bugger. So the first year bred ewes are now in the barn getting fed since they lost some condition while being worked and in the field. They finally look better as evidenced by this photo and are being LOUD little piggies in the barn. So I cleaned the barn stall and put up a hay feeder since the rain lately has soaked theirs before they'll eat it. The black ewe in the pic with the hay is Bumbly she's one of my original sheep:-)

and here are the little piggies... white one is Bumbly's lamb from last year.