Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, August 16, 2010

Litter theme

OK, the theme for this litter, in honour of Daddy, Tigger (Ch Cornerstones Wonderful Thing) is Disney characters. Tiggers mom, Jill, has already come up with a great list of names here, plus just a couple that I came up with. Any more suggestions??

Raglan's Love Bug Call name: Herbie
Raglan Bug's Life Call names: Flik, Hopper or Atta
Raglan's Little Mermaid Call name: Ariel ... or Ursula!
Raglan's New Groove (Emperor's New Groove) Call names: Kuzco, Pacha, Kronk
Raglan's Incredible (The Incredibles) Call names: Bob, Helen, Dash, or Violet
Raglan's National Treasure Call name: Benjamin or Ben
Raglan's Ratatouille Call name: Remy
Raglans One Cool Dude Call name: Crush (Finding Nemo)
Raglans Finding Nemo Call name: Nemo ( I like this one for the cryptic boy:-))
Raglans Just Keep Swimming Call name: Dory


  1. Raglan's Swamp Fox, call name Francis, Frank or Franny (depending on gender). Yeah, a bit obscure, but I think it was a Disney series from the late '50s.

  2. Raglan's Sword in the Stone call name Arthur or Merlin

  3. I love your theme. FWIF please do NOT call the Littlest Mermaid Ursula. Guaranteed to be a witch of a pup LOL!

  4. Well, Holly's comment rules out a Disney Villains themed litter for you. Although I might hold onto that one for myself :) Evil Red Dogs should have Evil names :) Raglan's Buzz Lightyear or Raglan's To Infinity and Beyond. Call name could be Buzz for either one.

  5. Some more...
    Raglan's Song of the South
    Raglan's Mary Poppins
    Raglan's The Rescuer (Bernard or Bianca)
    Raglan's Fantasia
    Raglan's Fun & Fancy Free (a collection of shorts set to music)
    Raglan's Little Toot (from Make Mine Music, another collection of shorts set to music)
    Raglan's Bumble Boogie

  6. Thanks Julie and Dina! I really like Buzz and Arthur and with so many boys those are liable to get used!
    Holly I would agree probably not a good idea.

  7. I guess that mean's Raglan's Cruella De Ville is out? But there's Raglan's Lumiere (Beauty & Beast).

  8. Another good one Jill! I love both but I don't know about villans either:-)) Lumiere is very cute!

  9. OK, now I have that song in my head!

    NOT a Disney character, but taking off of both parents' names: Raglan's Ewe Wonderful Ewe.

  10. Great Theme -- I'm so old that all I can think of is Fantasia and the Mouseketeers