Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you see...

...the grass and flowers growing?? This is our second rain day, started about 6am and hasn't really quit yet.
Our soil doesn't even usually hold water for 30sec much less all day. I'm so happy to have this rain it is a blessing! We need the grass to grow for the livestock and not running irrigation will save money.

Even our big oak is droopy with wet. The sheep have been taking advantage nibbling on the leaves since its so close. Only three up front here, the ewes are all in the barn staying as dry as possible. I let them out to graze and feed them early this am when it was lighter rain. The whole area is getting a good wash down to start fresh:-)) Now I can see the grass grow with every drop of rain, yeah!!! So as long as the tornados stay away from us I'm happy with the rain!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of those days....

We've all had them...
Most of my pics didn't work out today, just crowns the general mood of the day. Patsy and Rosy had a few minutes of fun though.

Remy is such a sweet cute boy. Sorry to say I am placing him, just didn't make the cut for the show ring. What a fabulous temperment though and would still do well for a therapy home.

Sweet little guy:-))

I also have Oliver available to a companion home, he is almost 6yrs old and would love to have a person of his very own. I would like to see him in a single dog household or with a female Cardi companion.

Poor Evy has been quite ill all day. Not sure yet what it is thinking could be Pancreatitis, but we should have bloodwork back in the am. She is acting slightly better this evening though still not 100%. Please keep the little Weed in your thoughts that she is better by morning.

When it rains it pours! Oliver has been struggling with an ear hematoma for the last week, I'm hoping that we can get it licked without surgery! I need to get everyone well before I leave for the Nationals next week.

Rosy Bday pic

Here is a pic taken by one of my students husband. Rosy in the water tub after working on Sunday. My pretty blue Beli girl:-))

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Belated Bday!!

Poor Rosy and siblings, I forgot to post your Birthday! So belated or not Happy 2yrs old to all the BeliX Mara-2 litter (Sterling, Zsa, Rosy, Ozzie, Marza, Tulip...) There are more great things to come for this awesome group of kids!

Buzz and new baby

Well first the baby. Came home to find this ewe nesting, thought it would be fun to sit up and watch. Well nothing was happening so I finally went to bed.

After... she had a single ram lamb that is huge! The stall looks like she had lots of trouble with him too. He appears healthy though exhausted and still shakey on his feet. Love his color!

And here is the Buzz man! Nice boy with lots of energy and a strong confidence:-)) Took him a while to warm up to his sibs but...

Remy broke him in and showed him how to pounce on his sister. Here is Remy and Buzz with Karen Buzz's mom.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lambs and kids

Below are the two goat kids born Monday evening, in the barn with some white muscle symptoms but are doing much better after their Bo-Se!

While I was in NM my mom had to keep watch on these two girls. They will be 3 wks old on Saturday. Both had a nice set of twins, each with a ram and ewe, just what I would have ordered!

Bumbly 09-1 She doesn't count very well, didn't want her ram but he is a tough little boy and found a way to the milk bar anyway:-))

A3009-2 She also had one of each. You can see in this pic but the ewe lamb(in front) has really cute light brown ear tips and spots all over. Both ewe lambs are the bigger nicer lambs in the the "litter" too which is odd.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Finally got to spend some time with the dogs today. Took lots of pics, here are a couple.

Patsy with her game face on, though this is playing with the girls, she is starting to see livestock too.

Beli was in such a good mood today. He had bloodwork run and everything was Perfect! Yeah

Remy being bratty as usual, trying to steal Patsy's prize.

Rosy getting sand in her face playing with Patsy.

Patsy is such a water dog! Love, loves, loves water in all shades, chasing the spritz out of the hose here.

Rosy stalking Patsy, strutting her stuff:-)

Love this pic, such a cute girl. Sorry she is fresh out of coat right now.

My cute old guy with his stick.

Evy and Abby on squirrel patrol

Such an enjoyable day with the dogs. After lessons tomorrow we'll se if there is more time for pics. The dogs and I are taking a couple days off of working, we'll get back to it soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trial day 2

Well again I have to say just how proud I am of the girls! Both girls did a nice job again.
Abby was good though pushy and didn't get any more points but her run was respectable, while an NQ...
Rosy was AWESOME! She finished her HSAs today in three straight trials with a 90 and HIGH IN TRIAL!!!! Woohoo Rosy:-)) She was almost flawless, just very nice work calm and pretty no points off her outrun or centerline. I'm so proud of her to step up like that. She will stay in Started for the Nationals since she's not really ready to move up but anything beyond this is icing on the cake! AND she gave Beli 4 more ROM points today:-))

Saturday, March 19, 2011

First trial day

So proud of my girls today and a couple friends too!
Abby first run was quite nice, I screwed her up didn't handle well but she was VERY good. 4th place just out of points... Abbys second trial was nice though not as good as the first run and the buggery sheep slipped out of the Z chute. Anyway it was nice enough for a 1st place and HIGH IN TRIAL! Woohoo that is her first major towards her HC, Go Abby!
Rosy did a fabulous job as well, her first run was almost flawless, just very nice. Took all of her downs and nice work overall. She was first in her class with an 83, took Reserve High in Trial as well just out of HIT by 1pt. Second run was not very good, she was tight pushy and her draw of sheep was a bit above her pay grade. Still for only her third trip off my farm to work different sheep it was very good. Got lots of nice compliments on her too.
My friend Debby and her Aussie Rosy did a fabulous job in the second trial for a 4th place and HIT Aussie, with a really lovely run. It has been a long road for Debby but she got it together today. We went out to celebrate at Outback with a steak dinner and the dogs got special chewies too.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Play, play, play

Its the Sally and Patsy show all the time now. Sally gets jealous if anyone else trys to play with HER puppy. She is Patsy and she shall be mine!:-))

They are very cute together though and playing burns lots of energy.

Flying Patsy! Airborne the flyover Sally.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our fluffy little toy...

Yes it is Patsy! She looks innocent in this pic but she is a spitfire and Sally loves her!

Patsy and Sally played to their hearts content this evening, they like to play rough and its good for both of them. Patsy is a tough little girl and dishes out as much as Sally does!

Rosy isn't entirely sure that she wants to get that rough!

Patsy is the life of the party or talk of Cardi town here in Eustis!

Finally a tired (and dirty) puppy. She is soundly sleeping in her crate now. A tired puppy is a happy puppy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Patsy and the corgis

Took some pics on our first group walk with Patsy. I think she is going to get along just fine here!

Remy playing with Patsy

Sally happy to be home!

Patsy loves water!

She also loves playing with Cardis:-))

Abby enjoying the fresh air!

Dory checking out the new addition

Yup they love each other

Evy was the first to extend the olive branch, she loves puppies!

Oliver doesn't really care for Patsy but loves the new toys

Finally home!

I have never had such a harrowing trip EVER! We left Amarillo and finally arrived in Mobile at 2:30 Wed morning, driving through rain for at least 5 hours. There were tornado warnings but we couldn't find a place to stay in Jackson, MS so had to drive on. We did find a La Quinta in Mobile that was great though really busy! They are a really great chain, very dog friendly and are usually very clean, wish their bathrooms were bigger though:-) 7 dogs and two people was a bit tight!
So anyway woke up after only 4hrs sleep to tornado sirens and reports of tornados only a few miles up the road. All told the last news report said 9 tornados touched down by 12pm. YUCK! We finally left at 1pm with all the dogs walked and happy as they could be... Had to hand off one of the pups in Tallahassee and the rain let up enough that we could walk them with just a raincoat and not getting drenched. The rain NEVER let up all day! Very difficult driving all day, stressful... I got home at 10:30 and Debby still had 2hrs to go.
On a lighter note, Patsy is GREAT! I'll share pics of our trip later as I'm very tired and trying to go to sleep now. Patsy had a big run with the corgis and everyone loves her, or almost everyone:-) I think she'll get along great here, very people oriented and smart as a whip. She is going to be a really fun girl!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Travel Day from Hell

No pics today. We were on the road until 3am, don't even know how many miles it was at this point... Amarillo to Mobile, AL! Puppies want to be home right now and so do I. We are waiting out the storm in our hotel this am. Hopefully we will be able to leave in the next hour or so. We are really wanting to be home now, Sally and Abby are both done with this whole travelling thing! I will post our travel pics when I get home tonight.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Heading home day1

Well we went into Albuquerque for the pups eye appt, all passed with no notations. So we left there to head for Amarillo. We are finally there.

Views of the outskirts of Alb.

Wick and McGraw in the hotel bathroom

Patsy, very photogenic.

Leaving NM

We are leaving the ranch in a few minutes to take the puppies for their eye exam. Once done we will be leaving Albuquerque and headed towards Amarillo on our way home. Lots of reasons but we both need to get home!

Parting shot of the ranch. Beautiful scenery but a storm in rolling in.

The puppies in their last puppy pile after baths this am. Happy tired puppies for the moment.
So on the road again!

Quarai ruins and hiking

Today we got to sightsee and get off the farm for a couple hours. We went just south to the Quarai (sp?) mission ruins. It was fun to walk the dogs through and see the mass of buildings now in ruins and how well parts of it have stood up to time. Beautiful, though very harsh area of the country. The hike was fabulous too.

This was my parting shot of the ruins from the trail.

The girls and I before starting the Corral Loop trail.

Hikin girls! Mother and daughter enjoying our beautiful day out.

Debby and Rosy in the ruins.

The girls and I on the hike in the cedars

The girls just inside the first mission building

The three girls almost at the end of our hike. They get along really well and enjoy each others company, very cute together.