Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Travel day 2

We had a big day today. First breakfast at the Dillard house YUMMY!!! Way too much food but very tasty if you ever have the chance, GO! So then we set off for some waterfalls and shopping.

Evy at Dry Falls on the rock wall.

Carol at Baucom art gallery. In the vine piece...

Evy with the hydrangas at Dillard house

Evy on the pasture fence at Dillard house. Cute:-))

Finally in front of the split rail fence at Dillard House.
We had a full day of sightseeing and driving. I'm so done travelling, now off to bed for judging tomorrow and then getting home for work!

Travellin again...

This weekend is judging but Carol and I came up a day early and we are staying at the Dillard House. Plans were to stay with Rita but the power was out and crews were trying to get in to AL for relief efforts. This is the scenery out the front door.

Back door, looking over the horse pastures. The horses were fascinated by the dogs during our evening walk.

Evy making herself comfy in the room chair.

I did not realize that they had a tornado come through here too. The lake was heavily damaged area but there was also quite a few spots of damage down near Clayton.

House in Clayton that was up ended when the tree fell across the road.

Prayers are still in order for all those affected by the storm.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Lots going on here but I've just been too busy to keep up! First Remy went to his new home with Ana of Cardigan Tales and he is getting along so well. I'm missing him in my pack here but happy that he seems quite content with Alice and Ana.

Next more babies born last night. Just what I was hoping for from my last black ewe, a black ewe lamb whose name will be Bea (for Bumbly!). She has twins (ram and ewe) and they were born easily and are pretty strong though the ewe did take a while to stand.

Also more new arrivals! We have 8 baby ducklings, mom is quite protective and tried to attack my mom and I so I didn't try a recount. I'll check when she brings them out of the nest:-))

The sky has been really neat the last couple days tonight there was this one really bright cloud coming out the top. It is brighter orange in person...

Last night this cool formation was all over. Don't know what it's called but really pretty to look at.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Available Cardi girls

Wimberley in Texas has two 15 month old girls available to companion homes. Etta and Jillian are spayed, up-to-date on shots and heartworm. They love people and other dogs, Etta especially loved playing with my guys while I was there! She even jumped the small fence to come over and play!

Wimby's girls together

Under the cover

Etta being cute, looking for what is next?

Jillian waiting for the toy to get thrown.

See the toy under her? She's doing scoots!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


My blog is hijacked by Aussies today. We had a fun day or at least a couple hours with the three siblings, Wick, Patsy and Rize. The pups had a blast! As you can see from the pics:0 We had fun hanging out and chatting while the pups played. Wick's mom, Marti, brought a great lunch and we all had fun. I know the pups are sleeping well tonight.

Patsy and Wick

Wick and his bud Mocha, thats Rize bringing up the rear.

Rize on the move.

Enjoying a bit of water before playing again

Patsy on the move.

Wick with his cuteness!

The boys just hangin

Abby and Rize hangin out

Patsy and Rize make quite the team, ganging up on Wick.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Farm life

Sometimes life on the farm is idyllic and wonderful. Watching lambs romping in the pasture and running around their happy healthy mothers, other days it is full of difficult decisions involving life and death. Today is the dark side of farm life. I had to make the choice to "put down" one of my original sheep. She was down with lambing troubles and I did not have any other choice. I'm sad but its part of farm life. I still have 3 other younger ewes to lamb including her daughter, so life does continue! Poor Bumbly...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have Element...

... sheep travel! This is the third batch of livestock I've had to move with the Element. This is also the best, no stink! I had to take the boys to Lady Lake today to have them shorn. They are looking (and I'm sure feeling) much better after their haircuts. Now that they have to tow the line for students they needed to cool off. See Evy peeking over the seats? She was hoping it was time to take them out. I put her in the pen and out they come, pretty slick!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am home and have half a brain again! What an exhausting couple of weeks. We had lots of fun visiting Wimberley and Nathan as well as friends at the Nationals. Got to meet a couple of new people and put names to faces. Congrats to all the winners!

Patsy is glad to be able to burn off some of her excess energy running amok at home!

Oli is healed and happy again, my sweet blue boy.

Remy is glad to have a puppy playmate again but is missing sister Dory! I'm sure he and Alice will have lots of fun when he goes to his new home.

Even Rosy was happy to be able to run and play again, I swear her coat is coming in now that we are home!

Silly Patsy face!:-))

Here is our last arrival from Friday morning, a pretty little ewe lamb. Mom has decided she is not the boogey man...

Cute spotted ram lamb from Thursday evening.

and finally the beautiful triplets! 2 ewes and a ram. The girl to the far left is on a bottle since mom won't let her nurse but they are all big and healthy.

Introducing Jumbo, father to my two new sheep. The 2 new ones travelled well and are acclimating ok, I'm very excited to see what they will produce here.

and the two new arrivals. The ram is white and is about a month and a half old; the ewe is the spotted one and she is a little over 2 months. Nice babies! Thanks Wimby:-)))

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Home again, home again

The National is over! It was a fun week plus but I am sure ready to go home now! There have been all sorts of happenings for which I am greatly needed! This was a fun time to visit with friends and have some fun as most Nationals are. Dory is going home with Jill, Tigger and Bolt to play for a while and two sheep are coming home with us! So the 4 dogs and I are joined by two lambs and Michelle, poor Dory is going to miss an adventure! Hopefully I can download pics and videos when I return to share.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well we got to put on the froo-froo clothes and trit trot around today. No placements for us but both Beli and Dory had a good time showing:-)) They loved the bait! Tomorrow Dory, Beli and Abby all show so more dress up time:-)) Oliver's grandson and Lilys brother, Harry's Griffiths Arylan Mint Proof, won his class and was Best Op Sex in Sweeps, he looks great! Congrats to all the winners!

Last day @ Wimbys

These are my pics from my last day on the ranch. What fun Abby and I had! Went around the ranch and took pics and pal'd around Abby on the stream bank, Love this pic!! Abby and the gator, we were watching cows. Donkeys coming to greet us. Red molly mule baby a week or so old. Brahmas and wee baby up front

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday trials and more Ranch pics

Well Abby was better she brought a B- game today. I was happy to finish the course and Q with 4th in the class, I'm not sure what her score was. I'll post videos tomorrow on the other blog. Rosy was pretty good as well though still more pushy than I would've liked oh well rather that than have to build her up! So she ended up with high Cardi in trial! Yeah Rosy! Funny I thought about it later and this is the 10yr anniversary of Beli's first National and he was also high Cardi in Trial though it was with a much lower score:-)) I hope that she continues in his footsteps! More babies in the bottom Road babies blocking our path Brand new molly mule was born while we were at the trial. Wimberley and I did some early socialization with her picking up her feet, rubbing her all over, playing with her ears and laying her on the ground, FUN! Very cute and so soft:-)) Mom wasn't very happy about all that but she did ok. Wimby thinks he is ugly I say he is quite cute with his mouse gray coat! Finally Mabel, the very cutest Hereford heifer ever! I think Wimby would take offense if I tried to stuff her in a crate!