Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, August 13, 2010

Black boys pics

So you may have noticed that there are actually 7 boys total. Duh, I just took the vets word for it and didn't bother to do a final count once I got home and numbered everyone. So the final count is 7/4, colors are still correct:-))
So the really fun part about this is that this litter of 11 was born on Libby's birthday (Ch Cornerstone Lady Liberty HXAs, my ever so talented girl that is now retired living with my best friend Carol! So her grandpups were born on her 9th Birthday! And the color breakdown is the same as her litter of 11 too!


  1. I do believe these are the beautifulest babies ever!

  2. Well of course:-)) Thanks Tigger and Jill!