Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pup updates and new arrival

Well the babies are growing like weeds.  They are all well on the way to 2lbs and getting fatter every day:-)
Very pretty babies they are too, I'm excited to see how they grow up.
The black girl found prime real estate on the top of milk mountain.

One of my favorite things about having puppies is watching them eat when they really get in rhythm and suck:-)  The sounds are one of the best things ever!

Abby having a good time playing with everyone this week.  She is such a good girl, I enjoy so much about her!

Bubbles got to attend the walk this afternoon, looking rather saggy but cute none the less!

Our new arrival is Crush from AbbyXTigger litter.  His family was unable to keep him due to severe allergies developing.  He is a lovely boy and is looking for a perfect companion home!

Patsy loves playing with Crush, he loves playing with everyone.

Abby stalking Patsy, love it!

Baby Sally, poor girl has an ulcer on her eye and is in a rather foul mood about it.

Lambs are growing and eating like crazy!  The worms will be out soon so I'd like to get as much weight on them beforehand as I can.  Everyone is doing well, though I sold two ewes/lambs this week...
Couldn't resist this one, the dogs and I had a great time just chilling up at the top of the field.  The birds are out and singing like crazy, grass is growing and there are babies everywhere:-) 5 Ducklings hatched on Sunday, lambs and puppies oh my!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pups day 4

The babies are all gaining and growing.  The three boys are over a lb already and the girls should be there tomorrow.  Today was my first day back at work since the pups came.  Beli loves to go to work so he had a great day; he's at his best when there is an audience:-))  I always worry leaving the babies for the first time though they are fine.
3 boys

2 girls
 Beatrix popped off the faucet right when I took this, she sure is cute.  Phoebe isn't quite as full and fat as the others yet but she is gaining regularly.  Bubbles is a fantastic momma and very protective of her babies.  None of the other dogs, except Beli is allowed to come into my room without a low growl from her.  The other girls are respectful of her space mostly.  Abby was so cute, when I brought home the babies she ran to the box and jumped in with her toy; I think she thought they were hers!
Happy family

Puppies are such a bright spot in my life right now; I'm so happy they are here!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Babies and Beli update

Dinner time!  Everyone belly up:-))

Sweet babies

Bubbles is being a fabulous momma, her milk is coming in well now and I actually got sleep most of the night!  I love 5 puppies:-))  The kids lost a little weight but are nursing well and healthy, I'm sure they'll start gaining soon!
Beli was able to go in for his 2nd vaccine today after putting it off to make sure that he was ok over the weekend.  We've started the Piroxicam again and are just feeding it a little differently now.  He is getting a great "anti-cancer" slurry of Kale, Apples, Spinach, Olive Oil and cloves now as well as some Probiotics that will hopefully help his tummy.  I've found a couple of canned super foods that have a good high Kcal/can to keep his weight up.  He loves trout:-))  Overall he is still having mostly good days and the next two weeks will be key for us; best case is that the mass slows/stops growth after this vaccine is given.
Also I heard some more bad news yesterday that Abby's sister went down in the back yesterday; please keep Claudia and Mollie in your prayers today.  She made it through surgery but there are many long days ahead for them!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Indiv pics and intros

Here's the kids, they have been weighed ( all are 11-13.5oz!), cleaned and thoroughly checked over now.  Mom is doing a great job cleaning everyone and making sure they are getting plenty to eat as well.  They are all beautiful babies, just the one mismark who is quite a pretty girl:-))  They have all been named after Saints, in honor of Beli who is also named after a saint.  I hope they grow into their saintly names!
Basil blue boy

Beatrix- blue girl

Linus- blue boy (I'll get a better pic of him later, he's hungry!)

Magnus-black boy(for Carol:-))

Phoebe-black girl

Puppies are here!

We finally have puppies!  5 total-2blue boys, 1blue girl,1 each in black.  The puppies are strong and healthy and mom is taking great care of them.  Individuals and names to come soon!  Charging the camera batteries!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We are waiting...

And we wait...  No temp drop yet but should be in the next couple days.  We counted between 5-7 pups on the Xray.  Fingers crossed for healthy babies, SOON!:-))

Also in Beli news, he's had some vomiting this week so we were not able to do his 2nd vaccine today.  They are going to recheck on Monday hopefully he'll get the go ahead then.  Otherwise he is still doing pretty well and the mass has only grown a small amount.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 There has been so much going on that blogging is just not on my "To Do" List.  Beli has been hanging in there, doing ok most days though I think the time is drawing near.
 Bubbles has gotten much more uncomfy and large this week.  Hopeful for puppies end of the week!
Naptime for the lambies.

Ewes and lambs chillaxin after dinner

Brother Sister bonding

X 2

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Promised pics

First a couple of Beli pics from this week.  Of course I'm taking loads of pics of him so I just cut it down to a couple:-))
This morning waiting for breakfast

 Last weekend in the garden, wants to play with something...
 Nap time yesterday, he and the kitty (Margarita) are almost the same age; I got Beli 4 months after the kitty
Big set of triplets, they are 1wk old today.

Small set 3 days older all are doing really great!

Twins from last weekend.

Bubbles and Abby today after baths:-))

You can see the baby bump a little better here, she is actually pretty big for 6 1/2 wks.
 Busy weekend and back to work tomorrow but for now all is leveled out.  Hopefully the last two ewes go with no issues.  Bubbles has about 2wks to go, fingers crossed that goes smoothly too.  So much going on to wait for:-))

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The latest....

Well I've had time to digest things and am in a much better place at the moment.  Beli and I went to the specialist this week; we listened to the options and have chosen what will work for us.  Treatments are of course expensive but aside from that I decided that only non invasive techniques would be acceptable for Beli and I.  While we don't have a great chance of the melanoma vaccine working that is what we are going for.  We get the first vaccine tomorrow and he started two meds today, a pain reliever cancer inhibitor as well as a anti-inflammatory.  We are hoping for a healthy immune response!  This is the best chance he has and I wanted to do all I could.  So we are living with cancer at the moment, I am fully aware that it could change at any time!
In other goings ons...  we are expecting babies!!!  Woohoo!  Bubbles was bred to JD (CWCCA Nationals WD), it helps to have something to look forward to:-))  So puppies are expected around Feb 17th, fingers crossed for smooth sailing.
We have had loads of lambs now too.  Two sets of triplets, 3 sets of twins and 1 single.  Still three mommas expecting, should be in the next couple weeks for them too.  They are eating us out of house and home now, this has been the driest January on record for us.  We are parched!
I will do my best to get pics over the weekend.  I also have dogs to wash and take care of and life to catch up with since I have been mentally unavailable:-))