Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, April 30, 2010

Our family National results

I just got word that my Rosy won her BBE class at the Nationals, Yipee:-) I am just over the moon that my Beli girl won her class! Such exciting news, of course confirming my love of her:-)
Thanks again to Rita for taking and showing Rosy as well as her own puppies.
Also must brag on Olivers son Nick who was second in his 9-12 class. Nick has lots of growing left to do but I'm glad that his quality was recognized in the ring! Nick is out of Laura by Oliver, so he's family too!
Rosy's grandma Ch Cornerstone's Double Diamond was 4th in her quality filled Vet class too.
A Beli grandson, Tigger, was 3rd in his class, I think it was 12-18?, he's out of Rosy's full sis Bubbles.
Of course Luther was second in Herding titled and runner up black dog in Megan.
So this has been a great Nationals for the Raglan/Cornerstone family!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CWCCA Nationals news

I'm so excited, I just got news that Rosy (Cornerstone Revelation at Raglan) got 3rd place in her Puppy Sweepstakes class! This is only the 2nd show Rosy has attended! Yeah for Rosy and Rita Hellegers, her breeder who was kind enough to take her to the Nationals:-) I don't have any other placements news yet.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Finally recieved some 'Good' news today! I called OFA just cuz I couldn't wait another day:-)) They rated her "Good" hips. I'm so happy to get this info. I'm afraid that if she is pregnant she is only going to have 1-2 puppies. Sally is about 6 wks today and is still not showing. Unfortunatly at around 3 wks she got hit pretty hard by a ewe with a lamb and I'm afraid now that that caused her to resorb the puppies later. I palpated at 30days and felt 2 locules, so I know that she was pregnant and I'm not just crazy!:-0 I don't usually try and count but 2 locules palpated previously has had 10 and 8 puppies respectively. I'm so disappointed but thems the breaks...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Farm dogs

Had to get some video of the girls working this week, so here are the farm dog videos:-)) I didn't have anyone to video for me so I apologize for the poor quality! I just didn't want to fall in a hole that would have made for good video humor... Looking forward to the weekend! Wishing I was at the CWCCA nationals, our thoughts are with everyone headed there, drive safely; we wish you lots of green ribbons in your performance venues and placements in your conformation classes!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tough couple of days...

Well it has not been a good time here lately. The last of my lambs were all born on Friday. Two sets of twins and a single with some malformations. I really did not think the single was going to make it, and he still may not. He started to stand finally on Monday evening. Today he is walking around and trying to find moms milk, still pretty wobbly but I never thought he'd walk so that is a miracle. The other two ewes... one can only count to one, she has a great bag but no time for a lamb she doesn't remember having! GRRRRR The second ewe was cast upside down against a fence (don't ask how I have NO idea!) I am guessing she was there about two hours as the lambs were somewhat cleaned up, but after the stress of lambing for her she is only just getting milk in to feed both these babies. Now that we are done I have a total of 11 (plus the malformed one) and only 2 ewe lambs:-( I was really hoping for more ewe lambs so I could build my flock, oh well at least most of them are healthy.
My computer at home died on Sat so no pics until I figure something out there.
Also the well burned up on Friday night so no water for the weekend! The neighbors were nice enough to let us hook up to them for the weekend, its now fixed after lots of $$.
Lastly the worst news of all... My little Brenn died this weekend in a tragic accident. We are all just devastated that he is gone, there are just no words...
It just has to get better doesn't it??

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home again, home again!

Beli came through surgery with flying colors! He has clean teeth, no testicles and he's short one nipple!! The testicle was definitly cancerous so we also did a chest Xray to check for metastis, thankfully nothing was visible (only 5% of testicular cancer is metastatic). He is sleeping off the anesthesia in my dark bedroom, hopefully tomorrow he'll be almost normal.
I'll sleep well tonight, since I was so worried I didn't sleep worth crap last night. I'm so glad to have my little guy at home again, pretty safe and almost sound.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Spring pics and Beli

Its a bit overcast here but still ok for pics. I bathed dogs this am and thought I would take pics. Well Rosy is being a girl... so no pics, no good ones anyway. Lots of farm pics though since I got bored with the uncooperative dogs:-))

This is our front garden looking towards the road. The Indian Hawthornes are blooming like mad this year. All of them were "throwaways" from a landscape company, they look great for death row plants! Did I mention that my mother can't throw away a plant?

Evy posing next to the blooming Serissa. Not a great pic of the flowers but its a pretty little plant with delicate little pink/white flowers.

OK I really wanted a pretty family pic, the dogs sooooo did not cooperate! Evy, Rosy and Faith are all daughters of Beli out of DreamerXDeeDee girls. Libby, Mara and of course Laura is Faiths mom. I'll try again another day.

Faith stalking the sheep at the fenceline. She is a very smart, busy little puppy. I've started ( a bit late) teaching sits, downs and "Find it". After only one session she is laying down when prompted and sits pretty natural anyway. Find it is coming along, I don't make it easy, but she really uses her thinking cap.

My mothers formal garden. It is looking a little bare at the moment but the flowers are still pretty on the Loropetalum and the fountain has recently been placed.

This is a Clivia, pretty rare flower from what I understand. My mothers is doing wonderfully! This is the 2nd or 3rd years its' bloomed now.

White climbing rose around the unusable bird feeder. The rotten squirrels are just terrible, this garden is fenced so they run just behind the dogs kennels(driving them crazy!) to get to this feeder. We had to stop putting seed in it:-((
I have another ewe that is going to lamb any day now and three more just behind her. I should have more lamb pics this week!
Please keep Beli in your thoughts this week.... I am having him neutered Wednesday. Before anyone yells and screams about why I haven't done it earlier, I had always planned to neuter him at 10yrs. Well at 9yrs he broke a molar and had to have it extracted, while under I almost didn't get him back, so I asked several vets advice and was told to wait to neuter only if you had too. Well he has a rather enlarged testicle now so it must be done. I'll clean his teeth while he's waking up so we get as much done as possible. So needless to say Wednesday will be a nerve wracking day and I have a test on Thursday too! Yikes...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April is Spring on the Farm month!

I thought what better way to use April than to ring in Springtime! It is such a welcomed sight this year. I love the FL winter, nice and cool most days, its the only time of year we get a break from heat. This year I'm actually happy to see Spring come, I must be getting old...:-))) Anyway here are some FL spring pics to welcome Spring back!

This is the front of our house. My mother is an awesome landscaper/designer. When we moved here it was a barren wasteland. Not a garden in sight and now it is beautiful.

A couple sheep around the Hawthorne tree, such a nice little tree and its very pretty right now. Just starting to bloom with pretty white flowers.

Bumbly 09 and her ram lamb. Can't believe how big they are getting now at 6 wks old. The mommas and babies were all napping in the shade this afternoon, very cute.

Riley at 10 wks, from this weekend! Isn't he just a charmer? As cute as they come...

This is my Redbud tree. I just love them! This is the first time I've had it bloom since I planted it last summer. It sits right next to my outside puppy pen so eventually I can have a little shade!

This is my new lamb from last night. ANOTHER BOY THING!!@! OK I'm done venting but really can't I have just a couple more girls? She had him in the pasture so this was the best I could do without bothering everyone.

Faiths best "I'm crazy" impression, I'm pretty sure it worked! She had such a good time at the trial this weekend visiting all the people and going for leash walks (we don't get many of those at home!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Easter Weekend!!

Our final trial until the Fall was this weekend and the girls did great! The A course was held in the small arena rather than the max size since it was 85 the club felt it was just too warm! I didn't get either days runs taped but both girls had some really great runs! I think Evy got points both days, YEAH!!! Abby finished her title on Sat so she is now Raglans It had to be Ewe HXAs, YIPPEE! Then today she was first and had a beautiful run that got her second place. I left before the Adv. ducks was over but she could get as many as 3pts! So it was a great weekend.
I also got to see Riley (formerly Brenn) Faith had a good time playing with him Sat. She wasn't fond of the ACD puppy in the mix today so she spent time with the people today:-)) I will post pics when I get them. I'm excited that there was a photographer there this time so hopefully I can buy some really nice pics of the girls!