Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Great Dog Died Today

 Today I said goodbye to the greatest dog I've had the pleasure to be owned by.  Beli was my first Cardigan and was my right hand man; the only constant in a life full of changes.  We were always on the same page and we lead each other down great paths to wonderful adventures.  He was a joy to share the last 14 years with; always the comedian.  He loved being the center of everyone's attention but mostly mine.  He taught me many, oh so many lessons in life, herding and Cardigans.  He showed me the best a dog could be but also how bad young dogs can be:-))  Several years ago I did a blog post called Six words, I don't remember now what I put for him but how do you surmise 14 yrs of wonder with 6 words?  Beli- Strong, fighter, heart, brave, funny life.  He was strong until the very end, never backed down from a fight, had enough heart for many dogs (large and small) but also had my heart, went to battle even when it didn't look good for us, and had a great sense of humor.  I will never forget all the times we shared and I can only hope to be blessed with a dog who touches my life in a similar way again some day.  He changed the course of my life where would I be without having been owned by Beli?  Who knows but I don't even want to think about it.  I'm so happy and blessed to have been owned by such a dog even once in my life!  Goodbye my dear Beli I will love you always, until we meet again.
DC Cornerstone's My Dear Beli HXAsd HXBs HRDIII-s HTDIII-d
January 14, 1998- April 27, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bye pups and bye

Well first we had a couple puppies go to their new homes.
 Linus, is now "Finn" and will be Raglans King of Heart.  Ana and Rosemary will give him lots of love!
 Magnus, now Cooper- Raglans Barrel of Fun, Maria is having fun already:-))  It was so great to see these pups go to such lovely homes.  I know they will have loads of fun, if they can only get through the nights now.
Bea, really how can you resist that face?

Basil will be leaving next weekend, he's waiting to pounce on someone here:-)

Phoebe, being cute as usual.

Puppy  Frap!!!

Sally sez " All you have to do is run a the sheep 100 miles an hour and they RUN like crazy" hehehehee

Sally does love the babies right now, she plays with them so well

And of course more BEA!  What dogs don't eat trees??

My Dear Beli boy last week.
Of course the hardest part about leaving is leaving Beli, it may be the last time I see him...  He is doing ok though, still eating and looking for food.  You just never know.  So I am hoping for a safe easy flight and good travels up.  Hopefully the rain will hold off for the weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Puppies are 8wks and Beli

Well the pups turned 8 wks today and were finally able to go back to work with me.  They had a great time and enjoyed meeting the people and other dogs again:-))  They also got exams and microchips, not fun.  Two will be going to their new homes this week, Linus and Magnus (now Cooper)



Magnus/Cooper didn't want to stack this week.

The two girls will be staying on for bit to watch grow up; Bea will be staying here even with her mismark she is just too nice to pass up.  Phoebe will probably be moving on to a show home as well but I would like to watch her for a bit longer.  I got a couple that have ears this time, what a nice change to have some ears up!
We gotz ears!

Sunday begging for chix while we took puppy pics:-))
Beli is still here and still trying to eat everything!  We had planned to take him in today to say goodbye BUT he had other plans.  While I know that he is terminal and could take a turn at anytime; I find his indomitable spirit so strong.  He has lived longer than anyone could have believed, on the 24th of this month it will have been 3 months since I found the mass in his mouth.  The specialists gave him 4-6wks, I thought less.  He has lived a great last 3 months and is still happy most days.  We'll see how much longer he chooses to grace us with his presence:-))
Easter Sunday helping in the egg search.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Evy report GOOD

Got the results back today.  Histo says.... Occlusion cyst, so she will be ok though the incision will take a while to heal with her squirrel chasing!  Thanks to everyone for your prayers and healing thoughts:-))

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Puppy walk

I had a little extra time this afternoon to take the babies out for a walk.  They sure are cute and lots of fun!
Mag on the run!

Basil such a sweet boy and more thoughtful.

Except when beating on his sister.

The beautiful girls!

Cute wiggly boisterous Linus

Phoebe- the world is her oyster!

Bea and Sally had a great play time

Linus and Magnus

Basil and Phoebe-Puppy fight!

How cute is Magnus with his ears?

The whole group in front of the peaches

Not sure what the devil this is?  Crazy girls:-))

I'm so enjoying these little babies.  So many hardships going on right now...  I'm awaiting a histopath on Evy.  She had a mass removed that was growing on her dewclaw, it didn't look good but we'll see next week.  Beli's mass is growing rapidly now; but happily he had a GREAT day today.  Was happy and active wanted food all day.  Lots of hard days but the babies are awesome!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dogs and puppies

The puppies are fully graduated to a pen in the dining room during the afternoon and evening.  During the nice daylight hours they are in an outdoor pen; we have several that they rotate through this time. 
Bea with her toy.

The whole group in a new pen for the day.

Tired puppies are happy puppies!
The pups have had a big week.  They started going to work with me this week.  Lots more work for me but great socialization for them.  They have lots of visitors and new people but also noises and other dogs around.  They have done really well with all the new stuff.  The crate ride in is a bit noisy but otherwise they've been great!

The adults haven't gotten a lot of face time lately since the pups and Beli have been on my mind.  I took them out over the weekend with my camera and sat in the goat field with them for ever.  They had a blast running and playing like they do every night.
My pretty Abby!

Dory being stalked by Patsy

Let the games begin!



Sheep?  Hehee, I shssssht to them and all play stopped...

The break never lasts long.  You see Evy in the foreground, she lays there and chews on a stick every night until some silly dog runs into her or bugs her, then all bets are off:-))

Peyton, one of the puppy visitors this week.

Kids are hard work!  Tired puppies.
So only a couple more weeks until puppies start going home.  They will start in crates this weekend, what fun that is!  They are great at night though.  The babies are also getting really good at doing their business outside when time allows, very nice group of babies they are.
Beli is stable right now still.  Eating everything he can get into and acting pretty well this week.  I will update Dr Laszlo on Thursday and see what plan we go with now.  Keeping up with all the meds and changes to his schedule has been a challenge to say the least.  His doctor has been great though and he is comfortable (thats most important!).