Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, January 31, 2010


The puppies enjoyed more sleep... growing puppies need their rest after all.

Boy #1

Boy #2

Abby really wants in to see them. Laura still says no, she is a brat!

Eyes are starting to open should be all the way mid to late week. They are still growing by leaps and bounds, and are just too cute:-)
Sorry for the quality of photos. My camera does not like indoor pics, and the puppies are in the darkest, and warmest corner of their box. It may have helped if I'd have taken pics during the day when I could have opened the window for more light.
On another note, I got all the dogs worked today. Well Evy just got to do chores but I got real honest to goodness training on everyone else. Rosy, Sally and Abby got really good work done. Rosy got to work the big field for the first time and even started mini outruns and did really well! Yeah for Rosy:-)) If I get something similar to her in this litter I'll be in business, as they say, what business I don't know:-))

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pups again... 1wk

I'm not sure why I could'nt get these to load properly yesterday but here are a couple more pics. First is the girl and more white boy, cute kissy picture:-)

Mom and babies, you can see how big they are in this one. I just love puppy tails when they are nursing. Tails up and happy puppy grunts are all you can hear. Laura looks very unimpressed by the whole thing and is wondering why I bothered her and the pups to put them through the torture of pictures.
I forgot to say yesterday but Boy #1 is 2lbs now, #2(Girl) is 1lb 12oz and #3 boy is 1lb 13oz, very big for my average. I'll get some more pics over the weekend while I'm thinking of names for everyone.

Six words

What a wonderful goodbye for Patricia's dog Lassie, for so many people to join in the 6 word story! I hope this helps to heal Patricias heart for her dog. I thought it was really eye opening to try and capture all that you feel about or from your dog in only 6 words. Fun though! So here are my 7 it really did take some thought!

Beli-Communicator, Charming, Comical, Witty, Wise Worker
Evy- Balanced, speedy, unending devotion, unlikely educator.
Abby- Regal, alert, worry wart, moms legacy.
Oliver- Silly, devoted, happy boy, rests easily
Sally- Wicked smart, Driving born, Inate comedian.
Rosy- Sweet, cheery, Beautiful, Working fool, rascal.
Laura- Maternal, Independent, prim and proper Princess

It was really fun to read the 6 words for Beli's other kids that are out there too, I especially like Zsa's!:-)) Sally, Evy, Rosy, Pixel and Zsa are all from the same dad, pretty close on moms side too. Evy was like that as a pup now she has matured into a wonderful adult, there is hope Holly and Amanda!:-)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Puppies 1 week old

The mighty three are growing leaps and bounds! Amazing the difference in 3 and 10 puppies! This is really quite enjoyable, I don't worry constantly about them being warm, not squished... Laura is aptly able to handle these three without any worries. I've been taking one at a time to watch TV with me, sure is fun to cuddle with them:-)) I took a load of pics but could'nt get them to flip sideways here, even though they are saved that way. Oh well this one cute one will just have to do for now.
I will do naming honors this coming week. I don't know that I will stick with the theme names but they will all have names next week... famous last words:-)...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Games, smiles and puppies

First, the games... Sally and her lonely game of Queen of the mountain, er picnic table. No one wanted to play so it was short lived...
I've never caught the dogs with a camera but see them smile all the time. Now there is proof:-) Rosy looks particularly smug in this photo not quite sure why, maybe she is laughing about Sallys botched game!

Beli on the other hand was no where to be found until I found him attempting to follow a gopher turtle into his burrow, BIG NO NO! He was none too happy at being found either, so its my smiles not his:-) Poor old guy, just can't get away with stuff like he used too.

Finally the babies! Boy, boy, girl in the pic. They are HUGE, growing bigger everyday. See how big porky boy is compared to the other two? They are doing very well though and gaining everyday, pretty happy puppies for the most part too. The more white boy is the biggest cry baby, probably the most like Beli:-)) The girl has been very laid back thus far, there is a long way to go yet though!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beautiful day!

Well the weather is back being awesome for the most part, if you like it warm! It was near 80 for a couple days, I think a front is moving in again now. We have had some really pretty weather so I thought I would take all the dogs for a walk and do some pics. It was fun but since we all kind of parked it under the shade tree its not the best lighting for some of the pics. I will share some now others will just have to wait for "their" dogs month!:-)) I'm so enamored with Belis banner pic it will stay for now, I just love it so...

Mr Oli such a sweet boy and loves to bring things back for me. He looks quite happy with himself!

Rudy (EvyXGlade), my mothers dog, such a pretty boy and so sweet. I love the bright blue sky behind him. He was waiting for the two trouble maker girls to come back, they were back shortly
after to help cause more trouble!

These two are non stop. I still am amazed at the athleticism of Sally. She can contort her body in ways only she and God know are possible. I was laughing to hard when it happened but she jumped on the golf cart, to the seat, then to the back (which is a platform) and off the back before anyone could say anything. She pounced right in front of Rosy almost made her come out of her skin. Then Sally goes tearing off with the best and biggest smile on her face ever!
I know it looks awful but if I tell Sally to quit Rosy is biting her tail to get her to play again. It was fun sitting and taking pics with the dogs though I would love to post more blogger is running a bit slow so better not tonight.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Puppies day 1... Introductions...

OK I really have a hard time moving pics once I've screwed up and placed in the wrong order so take this for now, I'll do better next time.

Black girl, puppy #2 13.3oz today

Black male, puppy #3 14.2oz today-big mouth!

Black boy, puppy #1 1.1oz today! Chunky monkey should be his name!:-)

Laura is being a fantastic mommy of course. The puppies really are being very quiet for the most part, which usually means happy puppies. Maybe some of that has to do with the # too. Very pretty puppies, I really would like a Beli boy but that girl sure is cute right now!:-)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New arrivals!

The babies are here! Lauras temp dropped right on time this am:-)) We did the section about 12pm and out came three beautiful babies! There are two black boys and one black girl, all very nicely marked and very big/healthy (weights range from just over 1lb-13oz). Laura is being a wonderful mom and took right to the babies. I'm so looking forward to these pups!:-)) Help me think of a theme PLEASE! I've been dawdling trying to think of one but with three babies I think they must have a theme (never done one before). So all you in blogger land please help...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beli's Video

OK there is Belis video. Thanks for the help figuring out the TV thingy:-)). The audio is terrible and the video at the end is all over but you get to see Beli, doing what he loves, PENS! Enjoy, I know I did!:-))

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back in the Saddle again

These are a couple pics from Belis big Birthday! Carol Donnelly got some great pics including the banner pic at the top. Take away the neighbors junkyard, overall really great pics and a VERY happy dog. The above pic is after Beli thought he was done:-))

Beli is still pretty speedy for 12yrs. He even got to put out some runs at the CFHC AHBA trial this past weekend. I don't know the last time Beli did the pens on the front field but he went in and worked like he had never left. He had a blast I was able to get a quick video of him doing his pen work I will post that later as I can't seem to easily download it now.
Thank you to all who wished Beli Happy Birthday! We both really appreciate it, I feel so lucky to have gotten this dog (Thanks Rita!) and found this breed, we really have some of the best people around!

Puppies upcoming

We were able to get the Xray done today. Laura has three puppies in there. We have a C-section scheduled for Thursday. We are hoping for happy healthy mom and pups. So far this has been a really smooth pregnancy, considering all the difficult ones I've had. Laura is happy, very active still, eating REALLY well and not really uncomfy at all. She is going to work with me daily and is very much enjoying the extra care.
I will post about Belis' fun and exciting weekend working the stock pens at our trial later, probably tomorrow.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Belis Bday

Happy Birthday to all of the StormyXRosy siblings! 12 is a pretty big milestone, to me anyway... My first GSD did'nt even make it to 8yrs, my second was 10yrs. So this is HUGE to me! I remember crying about Beli's gray hair on his "ghosty face" when he was three.
Beli had a great day today! Everyone paid him extra "Bday" attention, he got extra scratches at work:-) My friend Carol D is down from MA and she took some pics of Beli working sheep today. He had the biggest smile on his face, it makes my heart beam to have a dog in such wonderful shape at 12yrs old that working still makes him happy too. I will post pics when I get them! Tonight he is laying near and chewing on the biggest beef puff I could find, and its big! He has been extra cocky all day, but does'nt every Birthday boy deserve that? Happy Birthday to my wonderful little Beli dog, I would'nt be in this mess if it weren't for him:-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beli, Part II

This is typical Beli on our walk today.

1.Look and see if anyone is paying attention to me (and only me!)

2. See what everyone else is doing...

3. Draw attention to oneself, since obviously not enough is being paid.

I just love the old guy, especially for his desire to be the center of attention. Sure the others try to gain attention too but not like Beli. His personality is a very big part of what makes him the dog he is/has been. Only two more days to the big 1...2... don't tell him thats how old he is!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

FL Snow, Beli pic, Fern...

OK before those of you that live up north say anything, I know its more like a sprinkling of very small hail but for us FL folks its SNOW! So yes I have proof in pictures that we had "snow" here. 3 years ago we had "snow"but it did'nt even stay on the ground for 10 seconds. This time we actually had snow on things for hours. I think its gone now but how much fun! I wish I could be outside sledding but thats why I can work dogs year round and not have to worry about too much snow for little corgi legs!

So don't laugh too hard at my FL snow pics just humour me if you will for one day:-))

The weather was not fun to try and take any decent pics of Beli today. So his sleeping on the couch one of his very favorite daily tasks is going to have to do for now. I had to catch him napping as he really wanted to go out and play with everyone this morning. I really like the close up of his face, so very peaceful!

Last but not least Fern is leaving today, I tried to get a good pic of her but that did'nt work so you get a crappy pic of her. At least its something at this point. Since its cold to us FL folk (people and dogs) she had to have a jacket on for some protection since her butt is still naked!:-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly pics...

So I was too chicken to join the 52 weeks of dog pics group. I just did'nt know if I could pick just one dog to do all year. My idea was to do pics of one dog each month and the dog of the month would be the birthday dog or another of my choosing:-)) Of course there will be repeats. January is Belis 12th birthday, next week on the 14th! Yeah!!! But my computer is broken so I am trying to get around to taking some new pics of him to download. I want him to be the cover pic but alas it must be a good pic too. I'll try and work him tomorrow just a little and get a couple pics or something, even with our poor weather outlook. I guess best laid plans... I'm really upset though I was looking forward to taking some pics.
I will also get some pics of Fern since she has been here. She looks to go home again tomorrow but has done very well here. She has put on some weight and seems to be a little more comfy walking. She and Rosy are playing kissy face as I type this, Very Cute!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Other breeds...

I have read several different blogs that have asked about other breeds you may own or be interested in. I love most different breeds, all for different reasons of course, though I wouldn't own most. Most people know I used to have GSD's and started in Schutzhund. I LOVE Shepherds but have a terrible time having another with all the health issues I ran into, but you never know... I like Sussex Spaniels and Clumbers, wanted one real bad back in middle school don't know if they would fit in with the Cardis though. Maybe a BC, tried it once though and didn't work out real well, but my living arrangements are better for one now.
Swedish Vallhunds I was really interested in them but ran into some really snotty breeders so have decided maybe not. Would've been fun to work them I think! French Bulldogs are very cute but the snorting/noise, I don't know about that. I have really wanted to meet a Hovawart in person. They sound like really fascinating dogs but I have never seen one in person, love the way they look though. The only other dog I was really close to getting, before Cardigans actually, was a Beauceron. Would probably own one now had there been anything available, since I've seen quite a few more. They are nice dogs and I would certainly be interested in the right one at another point in my life. Someday I will have either a token little dog or at least one large dog but for now its just the Cardis and I!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So we are back from our whirlwind trip to NM! The girls loved the trip other than the 3 days in the car each way:-)) Cindy did get to her new home, Lola and she are getting along well, last I heard. Evy and Abby loved the snow, we got to work sheep too, and they found out about NM mud, YUCK!! Everything about the trip, other than the lenght, was great! The weather was the best it could have been. It was cold and crisp but no rain. We did'nt get any bad weather except for some freezing fog on the way there.

The landscape is so pretty in a very harsh way. It was really enjoyable to see another part of the world. I have been out west and even to NM before but was always flying so I never really got to see the scenery so well.

Leaving home always makes me so happy to be home. The dogs were really happy to see me. Fern is staying this week she is improving and making progress, she was happy to see me too. Laura is not growing a whole lot yet so I'm hoping that means a small litter, she was really spoiled while I was gone! She is happily curled up on my feet right now:-)) Only three weeks to go!