Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Abby's Eleven!

I'm too exhausted from the whirlwind trip and trying to get everything back together at home.  Abby won a beautiful belt buckle in New Mexico as the Most Promising Started dog (Other breed) Patsy missed out on the Aussie buckle by a few points but both girls really impressed me:-))  Abby loves cattle!  I'll try to upload the videos soon.
I'm so proud of the Abby X Tigger kids, they are 2 yrs old now!  What a wonderful litter!  Wonderful temperments and just fabulous canine companions.  Also to Grandma Dibbers, she is the best!  I can't believe that she is 11 yrs old already.  Carol brought her by for a visit today and it was great to see her as always.  Happy birthday to all the Aug 12 kids and grown up kids:-))

Friday, July 27, 2012

Long time no post.... and travels

Well I've had lots going on and not much desire to post lately.  Been a tough couple of weeks....
The time has finally come for our big trek across the country to New Mexico again, this time we are trialling dogs!  Patsy, Abby and I will make our ASCA debut on all three stock.  It is going to be an intense 4 days I'm sure!
I am excited to be able to visit Wimberley and Nathan in Texas with their new baby boy, Levi too:-))
Lastly, my friend Debby R gave me to most wonderful good bye present, shown below.  This is an original oil painting of Beli from one of his many photos.  I am so touched, what a wonderful very thoughtful gift;-)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot, hot, hot

The dogs are just trying to stay cool these days, no running about until the late, late walk:-))

Abby making a cool spot

Pheobe found one

until her sister pounced on her...

Rudy has one too

Sally made one.
Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat wave!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lost Cardigan, please help

If you know anyone in the Oklahoma City area, please alert them to this poster.  I'm sure Oz is scared as are all of those that care about him.  Help bring him home safe and sound!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We didn't float away

Well Debby has come and gone; leaving us with very green grass, more everyday.  I so wish I could have sent her out to CO!  My heart goes out to those folks who are being affected by the fires there.  I am happy to have had the rain as we were extremely dry and were needing grass to grow again before the end of summer.
I finally took the dogs out for pics this afternoon.  They had a great time!  We haven't done walks to the back for over a week due to the weather; they played until they couldn't play anymore!

Abby on the hunt for Patsy...

...found her!

Try to match the bodies, I know the one blue one is Rudy, the other two look like a monster!

Cute Bubbles taking a break from rabbit hunting

The puppy girls were having fun of their own, Bea stalking Phoebe.


Phoebe making a run for it

Unbelievable how they can tors their bodies around?

Bea a little ahead of her sister

Now its time for a soak in the spa

...and maybe a little snack of grass.
It feels like somewhat of a rebirth on the farm, everything is fresh and green.  All the ram lambs for this year have been sold and we have just the girls trying to fatten up before Fall when I bring our new ram home.  Ducks were sold a couple weeks ago so now we just have some goats left to go and we are ready for winter!  I guess we've got plenty of time:-)))

Sunday, June 24, 2012


While Abby, Patsy and I were down south working sheep, the Raglan family was doing us proud in the conformation ring!

First Dory and Rosy were entered in Valpariso where Rosy was WB/BOB on Thursday for 2pts.  Then Dory was WB/BOW/BOB on Saturday AND Sunday for a total of 4 more points!  Wow, what a great job Dory and Anne are doing together; I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two, its a match made in heaven!

Cute baby Dory!

Then here in Orlando, Sterling (Beli X Mara) and Michelle were WD today for another point towards his Ch!

Handsome Mr. Sterling!
Its so cool that these kids and their fabulous owners had such a great weekend!  I'm very proud of all of you guys, keep up the AWESOME work!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Take your dog to work day?

Well thats everyday for us!  I took Sally and Patsy today and Patsy learned a new trick:-))  I gave her a bath and she was all excited so I used it for trick time.  She did her normal tricks (stand/ piroette/crawl/roll over and dead dog)  then we taught her a vet clinic trick.  She jumped on the counter, layed down and then showed her belly:-))  Her first show off was disaster, she went flying right off the counter to the floor!  It was funny, next time she lighted to the counter like a cat and was solid on her feet.  She is always very proud to show off what she learns.  Sally on the other hand was very put out that she could not also jump on the counter!  Poor Sally she is naturally short in the leg department:-((  She did promptly tell Patsy how disappointed she was!  Will have to get pics on Monday at work!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today the AbbyXBeli litter turns 5 years old!  What a group they are, Sally is of course the live in.  She was the puppy that was never meant to stay but watching a 4 month old Cardi puppy take 25 unbroke goats up the field by herself was too much to resist:-))  She was meant to be, both homes that we had for her couldn't take her and that's why God had a purpose for her in my life.  So to the entire litter Lucy, Betsy,Sally, Tag, Casper, Kate (Coco) and Elsie, a big Happy Birthday!

So much that I see in Sally reminds me of her father, right down to the early gray!

Cute little Sally

Just the way she likes it, tight and fast!

Notice the wool coming out of her mouth?

Things are not ok if the stock is not running:-))

Her favorite, pushing them away!

Handsome Tag!
No recent pics from anyone else, hopefully we will get some with the Birthday!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holy rain!!!

Holy rain Batman!!!  Today started off pretty hot and nasty, I had no idea we were in for such a storm.  Nasty wind and loads of rain, which we always need:-))

Rain off the front porch

Couldn't get the camera to cooperate but this is the front yard.
It was a virtual flood, I say virtual cuz for there to be water puddles is pretty amazing!
Yeah for the rain though, regardless of the other nasty bits.  We have had lots of great rain this week, our pastures should grow more than ever:-))

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I just realized that I never posted Abby's Birthday last month, Poor Abby!  Abby is 7 yrs old this year!  I can't believe that its been that long since the whopping 11 puppies from Libby.  Seems like only yesterday my Memorial Day puppies arrived!  Abby will be trying to finish up some herding titles this year and maybe next Spring and then will be retired.  She will enjoy chores when she feels like it but can live like the princess she knows that she is:-))
Abby just before her birthday
 Second set of Birthdays is Evy's only litter.  Rudy, Obaby, Tyler, Molly and Cade turn 5 this year!  Amazing how time flies!  Happy Birthday tomorrow to these kids.  Next week will bring more birthdays too:-))

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Way overdue

I'm so far behind on updates and  blogging!  Puppy folks have been very good about getting me updates on everyone.  First up is NEMO!  AKA Cooper from Abby's last litter

Cooper pining Amy while she was out mowing the lawn:-))
 Now more recent updates!  Bubbles and JD pup, Magnus, AKA Cooper is doing great.  Sounds like he is a fun pup for Maria!

Pretty boy Kiko, Mike takes some beautiful pics!

And Linus now know as Toby, chillin in the shade.
Now for the crazy puppies!
Do you see all that dirt?  They are quite good at jumping in the water tank and then rolling in sand:-))

Round 2...

Bubbles fully recovered from her spay.  She has a great time playing with her pups and hunting bunny's.  She is looking for a home that she is queen of the castle.

We have several dogs boarding this month.  First is Wick, Patsy's bro.  He is here for training/boarding while his mom recovers on the beach in south FL.
Wick gets along with everyone and just has to figure out how to play with Patsy while the corgis are attached!

Handsome boy Wick.

Finally RAIN!!!

We did get rain this afternoon, a good storm finally too.  The grass is struggling here still, I'm hoping we get just a touch more today.  It does put a damper on my lesson schedule though...  Dogs are great.  I took Bea out to lunch and yougurt on Sat with some friends she had such a good time!  She got her own TCBY and had some pizza too:-))  I just love that puppy!  Don't worry Phoebe gets to go this weekend and we'll add in the feed store too!  Both of them are happy outgoing and confident pups, the only thing they may lack is discipline!  That will come in time though:-))

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Puppy pics!

Well I got about 1hr of sunlight this afternoon.  I took the babies and Patsy out for a walk with the camera.  I got some great shots of the two babies!  They are so fun to take pics of, when I posed them, they stayed perfectly still and posed wonderfully!  Very Beli-esc:-))  I haven't had another dog that would take pics like Beli, he loved the camera and liked having pics done of himself.  Funny boy...
Bea on the move, can't get enough of it!

Pretty freckly ears!

How can I resist?

One more for good measure!

The girls watching Patsy up the hill.

Lazy Phebs

Phoebe sez What?

Pretty Phoebe!

Really how can I resist either one?  I could eat them up!

This is the scene in the house though, dogs passed out.