Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Trip

Today was the first longer trip in the car. We went to the vet.... The babies got their microchips and first shots today. Everyone is healthy and no one even acted like they felt the chips:-)) They were quite good in the car too, the drive is almost an hour. There were only a couple crys and howls then all was quiet. This pic is when we arrived home so they were ready to get out of there and do some exploring.

Alis found her favorite plant and planted herself to chew on it!

Dory found a shady spot.
The babies have had a big week! They started sleeping in crates overnight this week and are doing great! No messes, they are sleeping 11-7! Yeah for me, I get more sleep than I've had in about 7 wks:-)) They also started going to work with me last week so they have been riding in the car every morning and get to visit all sorts of folks that come into the office. We don't have a lot of traffic through and when its slow they get to come inside the office even! They love running around and exploring the office, all sorts of stuff to chew on and destroy:-))

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Show News

I forgot to add in the previous post, Rosy won her first points this weekend going WB under Carmen Battaglia, she was also RWB today. Olivers son, Nick did very well today but I will let Rita brag on him:-))

6+ weeks stacked pics

Well I finally got stacked pics of ALL the babies. This is the first pic shoot so they were pretty good but not everyone wanted to stand still. Some even wanted the bait so bad that my fingers are a bit marred:-)) Anyway enjoy the pics!






Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Puppy walk

This is what puppy walks look like.... Mostly running along until something catches their eye and then its something to get their attention again. Lots of puppy play fights and some real ones when someone bites too hard.
Flora and Alis
Elliot and Dory looking for something else to get into.

Nemo found a big dried up leaf and thought it was the best. He even brought it back for me to see:-))
Boo and Cinder quietly tusseling

Monday, September 20, 2010

Growing up.... easy to do right now. Babies have fun all day! So happy to be back home with the babies after my judging assignment this weekend. They seem to have grown so much while I was gone! They are a handful but well worth it:-)) Here are a couple pics I snapped today, sorry some are blurry, I thought they were still too cute.
Alis doing the boot scoot...
Cute little Boo, he is just the sweetest, kindest little puppy, loves to sit and get attention!

Buzz trucking along after Momma

Yummy eats!

Flora stretching out for a nap after lunch.

In other news, Laura has found a wonderful new home and leaves Wednesday. She is going to be an only dog and adored like she deserves to be! Wendy, her new mom, is very excited and I have a feeling that they are going to get along famously!
Faith went to live with our good friend Peggy and is keeping Miss Olivia on her toes everyday! Last I heard she was doing wonderfully there! Hopefully we'll see her in obedience or agility rings soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More baby cuteness

Here are two more videos of the babies. Not a lot different but at least its more puppies, this is like the Cardi puppy channel:-))

I had to put something up so I can enjoy them from a distance this weekend. I'm travelling to judge again this weekend so I have to leave my little babies for a couple days, I know they are in capable hands while I'm gone though!:-))

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We have been trying to start walks although we don't usually get much further than the corner of their outdoor pen. Unfortunately I have not been able to use my puppy pen because of the heat but the kennel run has been a hit! The concrete stays cool enough that they love it and there is lots of room to run, play and sleep. I put some 5" PVC T, some loose drain boxes, a pvc bed and toys. They love to go through the drain box and pipe while its rolling around! There is a tarp in the indoor pen as well as a soft crate and loads of toys and squeekers! Life is good when you are a puppy!
Crush trying out the hose roller
Alis carrying something she found in the mulch, very cute

Trifecta of puppies that didn't want to go out to explore, L-R Nemo, Alis and Bolt

Dory the explorer, she is usually the first one out and about.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Childs play

Well puppies playing so even better! We had a good time playing in the bedroom again. Its just too hot outside to let them stay out very long. So after their lunchtime nap we had a big playtime. Crush was behind me most of the time tugging on my shirt so no pics of him:-))

Elliot didn't last long, he past out before things got good! Now he's up while everyone else is sleeping.
Remy leaping (actually ended up running over) Cinder!
Remy and Dory having words, Dory was headed for another naptime so was not in the mood for play.

Alis chewing on the big dog bed.

Flora, I made some crazy noise to get her attention, she does not look happy about it either! Then she came running at me:-))

Nemo and the squeeky, he loves toys!

Remy rolling around getting attention for himself:-))

Bolt climbing Mt Everest (dog bed), he had a blast up there romping around.

Boo ended up curling up for a nap on the sqeeky sheep toy.

Buzz leapt out from under my bed to scare someone but they were past by the time he popped his head out, he was very disappointed:-)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11

No puppy pics today. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all those who lost loved ones on 9-11-01. A sad day in American history and a day of mourning and unity for those of us still here. Prayers to the soldiers overseas and around the world as well.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cuteness overload!

Well it was a bit rainy this afternoon so the puppies and I had our playdate indoors. They got to romp around my room and mess things up:-)) They are getting so cute and fun, though as always lots of work too! I hope that you all enjoy these pics, virtual puppy breath coming at you!
Flora and Elliot, chewing my puppy rug together
First go on the round bed, right to left, Flora, Alis and Remy.

Remy trying to hold Alis back, Bolt and Boo still napping in the background.

Dory trying out her new teeth.

Alis going for the pounce on someone, the tile doesn't have the best traction for soft puppy toes.

NaNa you can't catch me! Crush:-)))

Flora and Alis on the bed

Cinder trying out the bed only she came late.

Black puppies on the bed. Remy, Buzz and Flora to the far left is Elliot.

Couldn't resist this cute one of Remy, what a sweet face!

Flora again, she was in the middle of everything, I love her white facial hairs:-))

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Everyday is a new day!

When you are a puppy and you've never seen anything except mom and the inside of my bedroom... The babies got another trip outside in the shade, they still weren't real happy but it was really hot outside too. They felt better after they got a little lunch though:-))
Elliot feeling very sorry for himself...
Cinder loves to smell the roses.. er... grass/weeds cute little girl

Cinder again, she is about to yawn the most huge puppy yawn, then she fell asleep in the grass...

Remy, cute little boy, always on the move.
Puppy pile up everyone is tired and full of food and don't really want to move:-))