Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011!

Wow the last post of 2010! What a wonderful year I had, so many wonderful things... BUT the most important was having my Beli boy for another year! Always my heart dog and best friend but also the longest living dog I've ever had and in FABULOUS shape still, I feel like the luckiest person alive (and maybe I am:-))) Otherwise, I finished my 4th HX dog and second BBE HX, Abby, who also produced a lovely litter that I am so proud of at 4.5 months.

Remy (Raglans Ratatoullie) while he is going through some funny growth stages at the moment I just love him. Wonderful temperment and such a fun guy to be around.

Remy front 4.5 months, what a pretty boy!

And then there is Dory (Raglans Just Keep Swimming) Lovely girl who is so much like her mother, yes she is having a bad hair day:-)) So balanced and nice she had to stay though.

Dory front 4.5months

Rosy also made her mark on the year with her BBE 1st at the 2010 CWCCA Nationals. While I was not able to trial her this year, next year will be her year in the herding arena. And then there is my little Sally, puppies were not in her immediate future but she has taught me why I enjoy my dogs. She has reiterated again and again why I enjoy breeding, training and exhibiting Cardigan Welsh Corgis! I love that little bitch no matter how many times I have to tell her not to eat live chickens:-))) Evy turned 7 this year which is a milestone for me as she is from my first litter and is my first BBE HX, while she never finished her Ch she has proven her worth on the farm and continues to be an enlightening dog in herding training;Evy certainly inherited her fathers heart!
I did have to say goodbye to Laura and Wish and of course LauraXBeli puppies and AbbyXTigger puppies but they are all in such wonderful homes!
Of course there were a few disappointments such as another year without starting school and loosing my Grandma Hill recently. A new year brings hope and closure though. I have a lot to look forward to in the New Year, school, the CWCCA Nationals in Houston, trialling my dogs and who knows what else!
So after this long winded post.... HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! I look forward to a wonderful and fruitful 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Well bad news is that my paternal grandmother died today. Not unexpected though sad none the less. We honored her during our dinner this evening remembering all the wonderful times that we had together. This picture was taken just over 1 week ago, my sister, Lauren on the left and my mom in the red sweater. We sang Christmas carols and visited for as long as she was able.
The good news is that Nemo has a new home! He left with Amy and Jay this afternoon with his new friend Jackson, the Pembroke. I will post pics when I get them.

Monday, December 27, 2010

More snow...

So this has been our third day of snow here, I think we are up to about 20" though its probably more in some spots. I got my camera charged and am still trying to download some videos I took yesterday.
Remy going after someone ...
Cardi train :-))

Nemo posing in the snow

The stare down...

Evy watching snowballs

Dory and Remy coming up the trail

Evy and Rudy fighting

Snow weasel

Abby and Dory playing

Beli with the babies

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very White Christmas

I travelled all day yesterday and got up to our home in NC late yesterday evening. We woke up to a VERY WHITE CHRISTMAS! The dogs had a blast in the snow running and playing.

Remy, yummy snow...
Dory and the stick, Remy fell in a hole behind her too:-))

Dory on the road during our walk.

Dory ready to pounce

Sally listening to the deer in the woods

Rudy watching the puppies play

Remy and Nemo running amok.

Evy on lookout

RAR! Dory says:-))

Remy and Nemo fighting over the stick
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! The dogs had some wonderful gifts from our friend Michelle and our Cardi Claus box, they loved everything!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Beli, Remy, Dory and I went down to Ritas to visit for just a bit before she moves on Sunday. It is very bittersweet to say goodbye, I know that Rita will have a blast with her new property and home but I will sure miss her being around!
Rita and I with Beli and Shimmer, who will be 13 in January...

Rita with Beli and Shimmer

Belle(Cornerstone Fairysteed Belle ROMs). Belle is 14+ and doing so well! She is the Greatgreat grandma to Abby's litter.

Belle with her GGgrandpups:-))

Beli letting me know how much he disapproves of my taking pictures of other dogs:-)))
So the dogs and I both got to see and say goodbye to part of our family today.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I do still live in FL right? I cannot remember it being this cold in FL this early in the year ever ( I was born and raised here). I had to break 2" or more of ice on dog buckets and water troughs this am! The ice stayed there all day too, I don't remember that happening other than this January. The dogs are staying cozy in the house for the most part but I did slip out and work a couple this afternoon. Dressed out in my snowman gear of course:-))
I had Evy and Abby adjusted a couple weeks ago and they have both been a little off since. Abby is still lame on her front but Evy is sound for now. I worked Evy for almost 45min, she would work until she dropped so I had to drag her away kicking and screaming from the sheep. She did a great job on my light whethers, I hope that she behaves like that in the trials this Spring! Rosy also got worked but she is being a really pushy little bitch these days so most of my time spent is walking her down to reinforce the lie down, sigh... We did get some good work done but the better part of it was a fight... Sally got to feed with Beli this evening so I'll try and work her tomorrow. No pics right now since my cold weather gear doesn't allow me much freedom for something else to carry along!:-))

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rosy's show pic- Ocala

We finally got a pic I like:-)) The judge was a little grouchy since we had to redo the photo several times (photographers fault) so I chopped her out.
I think that gives her several points now, I'll have to check this week.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Finally remembered the camera when I took the dogs on a walk last week... So for a change I have new pics of most of the dogs.
Lily finding snacks in the field

The boys out for a jaunt in the field, whos knows what trouble they were looking for:-)))

Rudy waiting for Evy to come back around

Remy grabbing Dory waiting for her to react, little rascal.

Remy coming back to join the fun where I was sitting.

Goofy Nemo laying on top of me:-))

The old guy coming up for a big pet.

Evy and Rudy playing, big GRRRRR!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

We must have been good this year!

This huge box was waiting for us at the gate after work! Hmmmm what could be inside???
Looks harmless enough but suspiciously like a Cardi Claus package:-)) Yippee!

All of this was inside!!! Yummy Merrick sausages(for everyone), tennis balls, lamb snacks(they love!), their favorite fleecy toys and a beautiful ornament (from DC), chocolate and hot cocoa for me:-)) Wow what a wonderful treat for us! HUGE THANKS to Claire Ward for our lovely and very generous and thoughtful Cardi Claus treats. I especially love the card:-))

The dogs knew something was up but I opened the first sausage and they went crazy! Notice the pug even awoke from his deep sleep on the couch to come for a taste:-))
**The funniest thing was there is a map drawn on the box to find our house and stickers all over the return address, so I really didn't know where the box was from:-))

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Down to the wire...

Cardi Claus is on her way from FL tonight! I've always been a procrastinater so its really no suprize that our package just left today... Should be there by Wed next week. My dogs were so sad to see it go, they thought it was all for them!:-)) I hope the treats are enjoyed by the lucky northern fur kids!