Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Puppies 5.5wks

Here are the first stacked pics of the babies!  Basil was the first and got the worst photo, better luck next week?  I can't believe they are already almost 6wks old now!  Times flies when you are crazy stressed out of your mind I guess...

Basil side

Basil front

Beatrix front

Beatrix side

Linus side

Linus front

Magnus side

Magnus front

Phoebe side

Phoebe front

The babies are growing up nicely.  I'm really happy with their toplines and balance right now!  Really nice babies, Bubbles and JD did good:-))
In other news Beli is not well.  A new round of meds is helping him stay comfy right now but I don't expect that to last long.  We are still in desperate need of prayers.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Puppies and updates

Well the puppies are feeling better today.  They were a bit under the weather yesterday, I even had to cancel visitors!  Poor babies, they were on their game today though.  I sat in the shade with them for a bit and gave them a bigger outdoor pen so they enjoyed our beautiful weather for quite a while.  What nice puppies, they are really growing up now and starting to play for longer now.  I really am having a hard time picking my favorite:-))
Beatrix, very cute and just a little independent.

The three boys, playing amongst themselves.

Magnus, really how can you resist that face?

Linus, trying out the diet Coke.

The girls having a momentary frolic.

Phoebe overcome by her own cuteness.

What a beautiful little girl she is!

Finally my little guy!  Sitting on the porch with Carol and I this afternoon.
Beli had is 4th and final vaccine this past week.  He has already out lasted the specialists guess, Go Beli:-)) So now we have 2 weeks of waiting on pins and needles to see if the vaccine is really going to stop and hopefully make the mass regress.  There are two new spots of growth one up forward in his mouth and the other on his tonsil.  He is still eating and quality of life has been very good really.  Congestion has been progressively getting worse ( we are not sure what is causing that) but there are still days when it is better.  He still has some moments that he races around the living room and out to the dog shed for dinner.  So however much longer we may have him he has fought a hard battle and hasn't given up yet!  This his final fight I hope is the one he fights the hardest!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Outdoor adventures

The puppies are growing and doing well, starting to get cute down pat:-)))
They are getting really messy now...  So they got their first real trip outside, I sat on the ground with them late yesterday afternoon.  
Linus, very cute boy who is outgoing and into most everything.

Beatrix is very independent and explorative.

Basil is a bit quiet and introverted but has his moments of mischief.

Magnus most middle of the road now, nonplussed most of the time.

Phoebe some days she is quiet and indepdendent others she into lots of stuff.

Basil and Phoebe getting used to the outdoors

Relaxing in the shade

Magnus chewing on my leg, my cute little boy:-))

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Graduation Day!

Well the babies had lots of firsts today.  They now have a daytime pen set up in the kitchen and the whelping box has been broken down again.  They will still sleep in my room at night and use the kitchen pen during the day.  They also had their first meal today.  They gave me two thumbs up!  Yummmmmmy:-)
Full puppies

Quick everyone dig in!

Beatrix got it all over so decided being clean was most important.

Linus was first to come to the plate and dig in, Phoebe and Bea joined in too.

Magnus decided it was pretty tasty too

Phoebe caught on pretty quick once she thought maybe she was missing out.
These guys are really pretty easy so far, they took to mealtime faster than anyone before them:-)) Bunch of overachievers:-))  They are starting to get visitors pretty regular as well, now they are much more accepting of new voices and people.  Bubbles is still taking care of them really well though is now trying to get into trouble with the other dogs more regularly...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Puppy pics finally and great news!

Babies playing at 20 days

Basil still napping, guess he was still tired...

Beatrix playing by herself, such a pretty girl full of cuteness!

Linus was also overcome by cuteness:-))

Magnus, he knows where to get out of the box just hasn't figured out how

Keeps trying though...

Love Linus's panda ears:-))

The babies are doing wonderfully, everyone is pretty social already, Magnus was the first to wag his tail when he hears our voices, Linus is a sweet boy too just not as outgoing yet.  The girls well they are girls, still a bit independant:-))
The great news is that Beli seems to be handling the vaccines as well hoped.  He is brighter the last couple of days and the mass seems to be regressing already!  We aren't out of the woods yet but things sure look pretty bright for him.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pups 13days

Well I can't believe how busy I am at the moment!  Geez:-))  The puppies are fabulous!  They are healthy and fat, everyone is growing and very happy.  There a couple I'm keeping my eye on; we'll see how they turn out.  Daddy, JD, earned his PT today so now both parents are herding titled, Yeah!
Let sleeping babies lie!

Phoebe, 13 days

Linus- day 13

Beatrix- day 13

Magnus- day 13

Basil- day 13

Phoebe became the first baby with peepers today!  The others are soon to follow, boy they sure are cute.  Personalities are starting to show a little already, can't wait for them to grow up some more!