Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Weed

Happy Birthday to Evy, she was the first blue girl in my first litter and my first bred-by HXAs! My pretty blue weed or the Weedy as she comes to:-)) I'm so thankful I kept her, she has taught me so much, thanks E., happy #7, I hope for many more!
RI beach
RI beach/surf

NC with half sister Abby.
Happy Birthday to all the BeliXLibby kids, 9-1-03, Coel (RIP), Tessa, Paisley, Sam, Lili, and Renny!


  1. Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Weed from nephew Tigs!

  2. Happy Birthday to all of the beautiful boys and girls from Libby's first litter. And a special heart felt rememberance for my sweet little boy, Coel. I miss him dearly. :-(

    Love to the Weed.

  3. Amy, check out my profile picture now.
    My sweet little guy!

  4. Thanks guys! So many memories of these puppies too:-)) Thanks Weedy!