Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So glad to be home...

Laura chillaxing under the shade trees
Faith waiting to pounce on someone, probably Laura I don't remember now. Laura is so loving and patient with her though, puts up with it all really well.

Cute little Wishy boy, he has a lovely home waiting for him out west until we can get him a good flight with correct temps.

The weekend went really well, very nice trial nice dogs to judge and very well run! I'm so glad to be home though, just catching up on sleep and laundry... Otherwise all is well, dogs were really happy to see me too! Sally more than everyone else such a funny little dog she is:-)) Challenging but funny... Anyway got a few pics taken last week before I left so that's where these came from.
Evy was spayed yesterday and did very well through the surgery but is having a sleep day today. I think she is enjoying the relaxation! Abby is showing some positive pregger signs but of course it will be a couple weeks until we know for sure.
Finally got lambs weaned and they aren't screaming all night any more. I seem to be on the upside of the worm outbreak now, thank goodness! Everyone is acting healthy and gaining weight. Vaccines and other nasty things next week.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Off we go again!

Like I said before I'll be so glad when this crazy travelling month is over! Leave today for PA judging, hope the planes are on time this go around!:-)) I'm looking forward to watching/judging some nice working dogs. Not looking forward to the late arrival home and the 1.5 hr drive home though, all I can think is TIRED! Regardless this is the last trip for me until September.
On an Abby note, things seem very positive for her right now. All hopefully preggers signs!
More pics when I return!!! I still have not gone through all my MA/RI pics or NC pics.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Transport help needed

Hi all bloggers!
I'm hoping I might be able to find some transport assistance for an adult dog placement. I have a wonderful sounding home in Montana but that is a long way from FL and it is REALLY REALLY hot right now. If you know of anyone who might be going cross country or even part of the way that might be able to transport a very well behaved Cardigan adult to a fantastic retirement home please let me know.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I know, I know...

I'm a bad blogger, no pictures, no posts for more than a week! I'm sick of travelling! I want to stay home forever now:-)) We went to NC for a show and to meet up with Tigger the wonder dog:-)) for a trist with Abby.
No go on the show, but both of the girls (Abby and Rosy) showed well and had a good time. We did get the breeding done with Abby and Tigger so fingers crossed for puppies in August!

This is Tigger on the move. What a nice moving boy he is, among many other positive attributes! We did not groom or anything so what you see...

And here is Abbys shot. The best moving pic is a bit blurry but this will do in a pinch! We should have some nice moving puppies anyway!:-)) So after this month I hope to be staying home for a while. Only one trip left, last weekend of the month.....sigh...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trace update

I've been meaning to post this since my return. I got a wonderful update on Trace with this and a couple other pics attached. Trace just graduated from PuppyK and is in his graduation cap and gown:-)) His owner AJ and Trace both look very happy and Trace is on his way to becoming a model Canine citizen! What a lucky little guy Trace is! Thanks AJ for being such a wonderful home!

Our award!

We've been awarded the master of karate and friendship award by Penni at Elyan Cardigans blog, thanks! So now I get to pass on the love to a couple of folks, here goes...
Holly and the Visions Cardis
Julie at Run Jump Herd Heal
Kirsten and Fern
You're it:-))

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We are home...

We have finally returned from a fun but exhausting trip! Trip up was great we made good time and had no traffic to speak of. The clinic went pretty well. Weather held, we didn't have any rain just some pretty warm moments:-)) The dogs got to work once when we first got there and each one had one go once we were doing the clinic. They did pretty well considering they were locked in crates the better part of the trip.

Monday afternoon we visited with a new friend and got to see her lovely farm. She had some great hiking trails and the dogs had a blast. I will try to find Evy's frog hunting pics! But the dogs really had a great time running on the beautiful cool trails and jumping in the pond after frogs and fish, exactly what they needed after being pent up for so long.
Tuesday morning we left the Boston area for RI. We found a great little beach that we took the dogs on. My guys weren't real sure of the wake on the rocks but they had fun exploring. Beautiful rocks and water it was a nice relaxing spot to sit a while and just watch.
This is Wimby and Evy on the Cliff walk in Newport. What beautiful scenery and the dogs were whipped after taking a 2 mile walk in the heat so we packed them back up and headed for strawberry picking, YUMMY!

Sally on the pretty beach with the rocks. They had a big time rolling in some crab shells too:-)

Evy trying to figure out the waves coming up. She also had a taste, yucky!

The girls final pic in RI at the strawberry farm. Nice little organic farm, strawberries were the only thing pickable but they also had an orchard and Christmas trees. I got some yummy local cheese and bread too.
After our picking adventure we went to Flo's Crab Shack; had a lobster roll and Fishermans platter. Flo's was on Diners, Driveins and Dives, I'm pretty sure I saw the episode but wasn't sure. Fun food, my first lobster roll, pretty tasty, the fish, shrimp and scallops were fantastic!
Our trip home was slow starting found a cute craft co op to get some gifts and got on the road pretty late. The traffic and weather did not cooperate well but we did finally make it home and were so happy!!
I will look through the remaining pics and post more later.