Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Farm work day

It has been a great morning to work outside after our rainy last three days. I got limbs trimmed in the training area out back. Oak limbs got hauled to the goats who just adore cleaning tree limbs and the palm fronds that were knocked down in the storm as well as those I pruned got hauled to the burn pile. The dogs hung out with me while I worked, they had a great time!

Sitting area in the herding field, still shady but now you can walk under it without getting your head removed!

Our new patio! We got a new grill over the weekend and a fire pit. The pavers were laid a couple of weeks ago, its amazing how much work it takes to get a property just the way you want it!

Palm tree all trimmed up. Now you can actually get the sheep out of the roundpen without getting your head taken off by the limbs or the sheep drawing the dog in:-))

The Big news last week... Rosy is pregnant, she is just starting to show now 4 wks along. Only a month to go now!

Our eggplant this Fall has just gone crazy, great eggplant and isn't getting much up keep either!

Rest of the veggie garden is getting planted for Winter/Fall too. Collards, Carrots, Herbs... I better get some of my Lemon Grass before it gets killed by frost though.

Our visitor for the week is Rufus (f.k.a. Crush!). He is here until the end of the week, for a visit. He is enjoying all the other dogs and even has gotten used to playing with Patsy the crazy Aussie:-))

Pretty boy that he is.

Bubbles trying to stop herself from going after the gopher turtle. It is a hard job!

And her favorite pose! She is a natural just like her daddy:-))

Nice to get some work done today, I'll have dogs to be washed tomorrow. Trial this weekend to work, and my birthday too. This will be a good week!