Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Black boys @ 10 days

OK I think blogger and I have it worked out now:-))
Black boy #1, he has struggled a little to gain weight but everyone is over a lb now
Black boy #2, minimal white and the smallest of the litter, he did reach a lb today though, yeah!

Black boy #3, sorry about the hair attached to my finger:-))

Black boy #4, pretty white collar

Black boy #5, The biggest of the litter, he passed the blue monster 2 days ago!


  1. Yeah, I'm biased, but what a beautiful all-around litter! Glad Abby is doing better. Daddy Tigger sends sloppy kisses.

  2. I'm too far away to cuddle the babies -- they are so very cute. So, here comes a virtual cuddle . . .