Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Names, introducing...

I will apologize in advance for not having pictures to go with the naming ceremony, my camera just hates the indoors. So I will give the names today on the babies 2 week old birthday and I will give the pics with them over the weekend when Carol comes (I hope) for pics again.

We also have all kinds of eye cracks today and the first of many weeks of puppy play in the box last night. It always amazes me the fun things puppies do even when they can't see or hear things!


Puppy #1 Black male- Raglans Bolt- Bolt

Puppy #2 Black female- Raglan Just Keep Swimming- Dory

Puppy #3 Black male- Raglans Monsters Inc- Boo

Puppy #4 Black male-Raglans Petes Dragon- Elliot

Puppy #5 Black male- Raglans Ratatouille- Remy

Puppy #6 Black female- Raglans Fairy Tale- Cinder

Puppy #7 Black female- Raglans Sleeping Beauty- Flora

Puppy #8 Black male- Raglans To Infinity and Beyond- Buzz

Puppy #9 Blue male- Raglans Cool Dude- Crush

Puppy #10 Cryptic male- Raglans Finding Nemo- Nemo

Puppy #11 Blue female- Raglans Queen of Hearts- Alis

Thank you to everyone who helped with names! I really love the names in this group:-))


  1. All cute names! I especially like #1 - Bolt. My Jimmy LOVES to watch the movie Bolt. He gets over-the-top excited watching cartoon Bolt and his buddies! I like #5 Ratatouille just because it's so fun to say :-) And #8, that one's just a great combo of registered name and call name! Great job! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. Tigger gives two paws up! Great names!

  3. Thanks guys! Jill of course came up with some really cute ones for us:-)) Bolt was a puppy families idea:-))

  4. Adorable names Amy! You're ahead of me!