Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots to do!

Still so many things to do in the next two days. It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies! Still two dogs to wash, packing to do, dogs to work, lessons to give, puppy stuff to pack and the house to clean. Yikes, I guess its a good thing that I don't work Monday now! If I was a glass is half full kind of person I would look at the 4 dogs I've bathed, the laundry being done, dog room clean and dog stuff packed already.

Then.... I finally get to meet Miss. Patsy! Excuse the dead grass in her coat, puppies will be puppies! Can't wait to work the dogs out west too!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Babies @ 6 months

Carol came over today to help me take pics of the babies. Abby also had a bath so we took a couple of her as well.

Remy at 6 months, still a bit high in butt, it is already starting to improve though. He also has a backup career as a therapy dog in the works.

Dory freestacked on the ground, she is getting better at this:-))
I want you to notice her tongue, always moving, thanks Sam:-))

Finally Mom! Check out her tongue too, like mother like daughter!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am very sad to say Ch Cornerstone's New Light ROM, left Rita today at just over 13yrs old. Being Belis sister made her family but her quiet very sweet demeanor endeared her to my heart forever. Shimmer was such a dear girl and even though she was not mine I feel like a part of my pack died.
I remember seeing Shimmer at only a couple weeks old, she was "Miss Piggy" in the litter. She grew into a beautiful regal Cardigan girl. Only a couple years ago we went to visit Rita and Beli and Shimmer had such a good time playing in the front yard when I went to say goodbye to Rosy (Ch Maranathas Cornerstone Rosy ROMS their mother). That was the last time Beli and Shimmy got to play but we did get to see her one last time in FL. The picture above is Beli/Shimmers "Goodbye Pic". Tears roll down my cheeks now because this loss is so close to home, I know that my future holds that difficult day for Beli and I. I hope it is years away but you just never know. So hug your dogs tonight in memory of Shimmer. Goodbye dear sweet Shimmer, see you over the Rainbow Bridge!

Heres the story

This is how it ended, but our walk started looking great. Its a beautiful warm breezy day here in FL. So here's the story...

These are my co-pilots for our walk today. Evy, Abby, Lily and Sally all decided they wanted to sit on the cart with me instead of running amok with everyone else.

Abby hung out on the seat in my lap just basking in the beautiful day. Look at the sky! Really very pretty:-))

Evy trying to get my attention, surely Abby is not worth my affection! Don't worry Evy and Abby both get plenty of attention, I'm sure thats not what they think if you ask
So then Abby jumped off the cart and I heard a little whimper and she was lame. Poor girl ripped her nail clean off the outside toe. Only left the quick. What is it with my girls doing this when they are entered in trials? Sally did it last time she was entered and had to be sedated to rip it off... I think Abby will be fine but I put some meds on it and wrapped it with a bandage to keep it clean for a few days until I can dry it out. Poor flabby Abby:-(

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cute baby Aussies

6wks is such a cute age, no matter the breed! The weather has finally improved in NM so the puppies are getting frequent trips outside. They got even more toys and the agility tunnel this weekend. The above pic is two of the girls and two of the boys in the litter on their trip out. Below is Miranda (soon to be Patsy). We leave in 9 days!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yup I can't wait for it either! The retirees took over my weekend movie bed from last night and are currently napping. AHHHHH thats the life:-)) I am going to have to remove them soon so I can clean house, maybe I'll wait for a bit:-))

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Libby and Tag

My bestest friend Carol has my bestest girl Libby and is giving her a wonderful retirement life. Carol also has Sallys brother Tag. I got these pics from her yesterday.

Tag doin the scoot

Dibbers going in for the kill, thats why she scared sheep so badly.

Tag awaiting his playmate. Such a pretty boy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lunch anyone?

The blog has been hijacked in the name of food!:-)) No work today so I went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up a fresh ball of pizza dough and of course pizza fixins! Our local grocery chain started selling fresh dough a while back and we've gotten some here or there. Every time I make a pizza with it I think this is so pretty I should take a pic but alas I never do, until today. So here it is my little personal pan pizza:-)) Yummy pepperoni!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Last post today I promise:-))! This was my special treat for my mom and I this evening. Strawberry crepes, first time I've made them and boy oh boy were they good! Look up Alton Browns recipe at if you are interested. My mother leaves tomorrow for Africa so she needs to fill up with yummy food before leaving for that long trip:-))

Silver is good but BRONZE is better!

I got word today that Beli's girl Marzi (Cornerstone's Marzipan NAJ) recieved her first agility title today to finish Belis ROMB! Beli must have known, he was VERY full of himself this afternoon. I am hoping we still have a few prospects who will be helping him gain his Silver!

So the list of contributing Beli kids is as follows
Raglans Hippie Chik HXAs
Raglans Jazz Man HSAs
Raglans Lump of Coel PT (RIP)
Raglans Keepyohoovestoyoself PT
Raglans You're it PT
Raglans Ewe Too HSAS
Ch Cornerstone All My Wishes HT PT HSAsd HIAd
Ch Trinity River Curlin PT
Cornerstone Raglan Rhedyn PT
Cornerstone Marzipan NAJ

Ch Cornerstone Lady Liberty ROMb also finished the requirements for her ROMS with her contributing children as follows
Ch Raglan Oliver at Arylan PT
Ch Raglan Burna Skid Mark HIAs
Raglans It had to be Ewe HXAs
Raglan Lump of Coel PT
Raglans Hippie Chik HXAs
Raglans Keepyohoovestoyoself PT
Raglans Jazz Man HSAs
**Of course all of these are pending approval

Back achers...

Sorry for the lack of posting! I've had pictures on my camera since last week to post. My back has been out and I've been super busy! I have a few updates, first my Aussie baby is now 5.5wks old, they've been having terrible weather so not many outdoor pics but they finally got some this weekend. Of course I know just how busy 8 puppies can keep you but they got some fun pics, more shown on their site Legends Aussies. I am hoping this will be my girl known as Legends Honky Tonk Angel "Patsy":-)) A couple of weeks until our trip out there to see them and pick up our pups!

Next Rosy is taking a show week vacation with our friend Michelle. Sounds like Rosy is enjoying some special attention and winning hearts everywhere she goes, I wouldn't expect anything less! Wishing them good luck at the shows this coming weekend.

And now for the pics that I took last week. We've had some very pretty weather here so lots of photo ops lately. Though I do need some sunset ones, we've had some gorgeous sunsets lately!

Sally on lookout on the picnic table. I used my newly downloaded Microsoft Cloud to filter some of the pics this week.

Remy with his stick trying to get someone to play with him!

Lily very pleased with her thieved toy

Evy found a nice patch of grass and shade to rest her bones after correcting all the puppies and other dogs:-))) Its good to be queen!

Abby in the shade while I took pics of the sheep for sale.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Storms a brewin and Fernie!

We have been getting a little rain the last couple of days but the blowing and temperature drop today was really something! The clouds don't look real imposing in the pic but the wind was fierce! Not too much rain yet but there is still more coming (says the radar:-))

Finally got my Fern pics uploaded too! Fern came for a short visit on her way to another fun trip. Fern and Rosy had lots of fun playing keep away with the inside bones.

Ferns got it!

Kirsten and Fern, very cute. Fern is a very happy go lucky girl, full of personality and life! She has healed so well it is not really noticeable at all where she had surgery. I'm so happy that Fern has Kirsten and Kirsten has Fern, they are quite the pair!:-)) Good luck girls!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Warm days are here again?

With many of you still in the throws of Winter, I have to ask "Really?". Thats it? Our trees are all throwing out their blossoms and the grass is showing its spring shades of green. I would really have rather had more winter here. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want 10' of snow and ice, so I'm complaining but not really:-)) Just a touch more cool temps and I would be really happy, but now it would be distaster for all of our plants!

Rosy would also like to know where all her nice cool weather has gone?

Remy says "Its not up here on my perch"

Lily doesn't remember why she was running around looking, and Oliver never bothered either. He just wants to play with Lily!

Weedy says " I don't care where Winter went as long as I'm with you!"

Rudy asks "Why are you not helping in the search, Lily?"


Last but not least, Merlin(formerly Boo) came for a visit last weekend. Dory got to play with him in between sheep time. I don't know what prompted his odd expression though:-))

Pretty Dirty Dory

Of course the old man would have liked the cold to stay a bit longer too. The hot summers here are hard on old black dogs!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Fabulous Fern!

I just got the most wonderful update on Fern. Sounds like she is becoming quite the traveller! Here is one of her adventure pictures, looks like she is enjoying herself:-)) The white north is quite becoming of her so she is moving to PA. I wish Kirsten and Fern the best of luck up there and if anyone sees her, give her a big FL hug from me and all the Raglan Cardis!