Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

I know its been a while since any new pics... I have been so busy the last couple weeks since Houston. Meetings, work, herding (work) and no sleep at least it feels that way most of the time now. The whelping box is set up for Abby, I moved up the date for the Xray to tomorrow. She is so big and uncomfy, I want to know what I'm looking at here. No more pics of Sally since she looks like a little drowned rat with no hair. The new header pic is from NC in June, proof that she has had hair before:-))
I've really started working the dogs to polish up some things before trial season too but real chores always seem to get in the way. I'm looking forward to trial season starting and dreading it too, thats another story entirely... Anyway off to get sleep for the impending lack of it next week.


  1. Please get some much needed rest. We're excited to see how many Abby is going to have. Praying it is not too many.

  2. Thanks Holly, I did get to bed early and feel much better today.
    Thanks Taryn! I have a pic of her daddy on the same RR tie too, I love that place for pics!