Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dogs, lambs and puppies oh my....!

So busy this week... I started a math class today. It is a prerequisite class for one of the colleges I am applying to for nursing. So I must complete and of course pass to be accepted among many other things! I also have another application to turn in for a different school, I've already completed my prereq's for that school just didn't get accepted first time around. So I am trying to keep all my ducks in a row so to speak for schools
Also we have a trial this weekend so I have been trying to work dogs although that hasn't gone real well. I did get the girls and Rosy worked yesterday. Both older girls did great! I worked them on the new lambs with two of the mommas without their babies. So basically I had a bunch of very unhappy sheep, which made for very tight pushy dogs! I worked both girls on a single to make them keener to control and then on the big group to push them back out. I am hoping that will help me with the lighter trial sheep, we'll see. Rosy isn't trialling but needs work! So she got to work the new light lambs too. She was pretty good for her first time but wanted to cheat a little so had to get corrected some. She took it well and responded appropriately so that was really good! I was very happy with the girls!!
In puppy news, Sally has been demoted to chores only. I believe she is pregnant, early I know... She has always been very close to me and she is really acting different now. Much more demure than she used to be. Time will tell for sure. I am really excited though! It will be my first litter from Oliver whom I've only had back for a year now. Sally is as driven and nice a working girl as I have and while Oliver has interest his strenght lies elsewhere:-))

I do believe she is glowing!:-))

Please give me the toy back, please, please....

No really mom I like to play rough SEE???

OK fine I'll take your toy then, how do you like that?

This is the new baby from Sun morning. Cute healthy little ram, about 8lbs, his mom has got the nicest bag of any of the yearlings! He's been a little slow but is still growing.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Rosy and siblings!

Happy Birthday puppies! ZsaZsa, Ozzie, Tulip, Bella, Rosy, Sterling and of course everyone else whose names I can't remember. It's hard to believe that it has already been one year!

Girls trial videos

OK so here are the girls videos from last weekends trial. Evys is difficult to see because of the rain pouring on us. I swear this is the second trial in 6 months that we got rained on, Yuck. Wet sheep really stink! You will want to click mute since the people under the tent are talking about other stuff the whole time too. We didn't remember to tape any of the other runs, lucky me we only got the good ones!:-))

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bummed Excitment

Well its kind of like Jumbo shrimp I guess... I'm pondering lots of stuff, dogs, school and work... No decisions or anything but just lots of thinking that makes me jump from being bummed to being excited and then back again.
I finally got to sit and watch dogs, snapping a couple pics while I did it! With three girls in various stages of heat my house is now in utter uproar! Ugh... Girls are hormonal; Boys are way worse! Abby is doing well though and I love this pic of her. She is such a pretty girl and she really showed up for me this weekend:-))

These are the new sheep! They are FL natives, they have wool that will have to be shorn, YUCK! I wanted something that would work a bit differently, quite a few trials are using them here. There are a couple reasons for them. These are weanling wethers, this way in our current arrangement I can have three workable sheep when everyone else is bred (like now!) and they are different type so will offer another learning tool for the dogs, all good! Funny little things though, very light right now.

Faith doing her best, "Yeah, I heard you I'd rather not listen though, BYE!"

Rosy, she kind of got the short end of the stick for pics during her month. She came in season which took the wind out of those sails and there has just been a lot going on. I do love this pic though, she is very yummy! I sent entries in so her ticket to the Nationals is on its way. This will be a perfect time for her to come in season and blow coat. Oh... yeah she is in the middle of doing that now!!!! GRRRRR!

Faith, this time she decided I was the better thing to come to. Puppies... I completely forgot to take front pics when we did stacking. I really like her front but the next time I have someone who will help I'll get some.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New homes and dog trials

What a busy weekend! Well only Faith remains...:-( Brenn (now Riley) has gone to his home down south. Trace left on Friday with his wonderful home, pictured below, they are both going to be very happy puppies with their new people. Faith is getting along famously without the brothers so far. I would imagine she is somewhat happy that her brothers aren't beating her up anymore.

I also had a herding trial this weekend. Evy and Abby were entered. Evy for HC points and Abby for HX title legs. Abby was the first run on Sat morning and was great! She held onto first until the very end of the class(of 16). Evy was not feeling well all day, not sure what that was about, both runs she was not herself. Abby and I got into a fight the second run, bad Amy, so I called the run.
Sunday both the girls redeemed themselves. Abby was first again, yuck... I hate being first she was great again though! She got an 88 which held onto 1st until the end she got beat by one point and a lovely run. Evy ran last and put up an 83 putting her in 4th and Abby 2nd in an Advanced class of 16 or 17. This gave Abby her 2nd HX leg and Evy her first HC point. Not too shabby for the girls:-)) I was very happy with both on Sunday, I hope that Evy is over her 24hr Flu/PMS?:-) Last trial of the Spring in 2 wks, I'll also get to see Brenn/Riley again then I'll take a picture.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Puppies 8 wks

Here are the puppies official stacked photos at 8wks minus one day. The rest of the week is just too busy to try later. Puppies had a great time at Ritas, no problem with the car ride, their longest yet! They did fantastic! They never skipped a beat, started checking out the new place immediately and ran up to meet new people. Overall it was a fun trip for babies, though I wish I had put them on the table a time or two beforehand. Ahhhh... behold the wonder of cheese.

Faith trying to will the cheese from Hannahs hand!

Trace, such a sweet face

Brenn, super cute panda dog... with loppy ears

Faith did not want to hold still, because cheese is sooooo yummy! This was the best I got for now:-))

Brenn was very well behaved on the table.

Sorry no Trace pics, I will try and go through the pics better later.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is in the Air or Wind!

What a wonderful Spring day, minus the wind. It is pretty and sunny and I do believe it is becoming more green by the hour! The puppies are doing well still. They are all in their own crates every night, eating well, coming when called... well that is just not their strongest area:-)
They are cute and while their time here is drawing to an end, I am so enjoying every moment I still have with them. I went and laid in the sun with my camera and the rascals took off to the shade. So I followed to the shade after a couple pics they were in the duck pen, such is the life of a puppy!
They have a big schedule this week. We are going to Ritas for what was going to be evals now more of just a trip for them. I will be keeping Faith, I really like her and she is really what I was hoping to get from this litter, except she is female:-)) We can still go over puppies and chat some, its been a while! Thursday is vet day, microchips etc...yuck, poor babies. Friday Trace is going to his new home and Sat and Sun I have a herding trial so Brenn and Faith may get one day there then Brenn will go home too. Its just flown by and I will miss them so. I am hoping for more babies in May, more on that later...

Faith and Trace rough housing in the hedge. They thought the mulch and leaves where just too much fun.

Trace outside the duck pen, taking a break from barking at his sibs.

Brenn boy, such a cutie pie!

Rosy and Brenn, they had such fun playing in the hedge! Racing back and forth, to and fro.

Faith about to get the what for, biting Rosy's tail!

This pic is more for the over all feel of the day. Abby rolling in the background, Sally and Trace playing in the foreground. "Seize the day", say the dogs!

I couldn't resist, Faith with a big smile on her face, she was scooting all over making a fool of herself!
Trace, making a break from Abby whom he did not care to play with!
Rosy and Brenn again, she is so wonderful with babies!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cuteness is 7wk old puppies

What a yucky soggy day. Tornado warnings/watches, lots of rain and more expected tonight. The puppies were held hostage all day inside, they really wanted to be out finding new adventures. I gave them a new bed in their inside pen. Honestly I can't figure what the big deal is with the space under the pillow in a bolster bed. They were crazy for it!

Brenn digging for gold?cookies?mice? I don't know but he was digging around in the bed for at least 30min.

Faith, she is more attentive to me so if I say something she'll pop her little head up, the boys could care less.

Sorry I don't know how to get the pic to turn the right way here. Trace was joining in the digfest here. They are sleeping on the bed as I write...

Ooooo... there is hope for ears to stand without tape! I envy Brenns new owner that:-)) Here he is with his cute fluffy face, I bet the reason his ear is standing is the horns are helping hold it up! He is a little bit of the devil, in the cutest way possible.
Thankful for another day of rain coming tomorrow. I need grass ASAP! Sheep are unhappy with the hay now and want the green stuff. They are in the barn throwing a fit but it is safest as we are expecting heavy rain overnight with high winds.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Puppies 6wks and Rosy

Well the puppies are just as cute as ever, being quite independent these days. There are a couple videos, the second one Brenn sees sheep the first time, its very cute, I've not had one show interest this early, he's going to be dynamite!:-)) Also Rosy and Sally were out and about with the babies, so there are a couple shots of them too.

Rosy looking for trouble or a puppy same thing anyway.

Rosy stacked all by herself:-)) I think she got some of her dads hambone...

Three babies, only one I got of the three of them

Miss Sally, trying very hard not to go chase the neighbors JRT.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fern, lambs and Rosy, Oh my!

Well it was a big day today, lots of yard work for my mom, she is feeling the Spring gardening bug:-)) The puppies got visitors and I got a few things done around the house. I threw my back out last week late and can't quite get it back... that is why there have been so few pics, its difficult to get on the ground and get back up.

Fern and Kirsten came to visit! Yeah, Fern looks great and is getting around almost 100% now. I can't believe the improvement since the last time I saw her, she looks fabulous!

Lambs were so much fun to watch do racetracks in the big field this evening. They are now in general circulation so are getting worked enough to hold off of feed and sort working sheep.

Birthday girl of the month with a very important shoe? I don't know why she is so attached to this shoe but she is, had a big time playing with it, mostly keep away from Sally.

Rosy's best Border Collie impression:-)) I don't need no stinkin BC!:-))

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March is Rosy month

Well Rosy will be 1yr at the end of the month, so its only fitting. I will try and get some pics today of her. Its been crazy windy the last couple days so not great picture weather! The puppies are 6 wks old today, still doing just wonderful! They are sitting here in the office with me just starting to wake up from a nap, I need some more pics of them too. So keep fingers crossed for afternoon pics!