Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feeding time!

Looks nice from here, thats how it always looks. Clean, bright and peaceful but after they are done it looks like a bomb went off!
Buzz and Nemo have a chat after lunch:-))

Flora trying to hurry Bolt along

Cinder trying to interest the boys in some after lunch trouble, what is it with these girls?:-))

Remy and Bolt trying to clean up after lunch, they are quite the clean puppies. Everyone was more worried in getting the yummy stuff off of themselves than eating what was in the bowl. They are starting to get the hang of it now on the third meal. Off to mop my room now that there is puppy gruel all over it!


  1. Welcome to Animal House ... FOOD FIGHT!!

  2. LOL so cute :) I bet they're a lot of work for momma and you!

  3. Beautiful babies -- and they look like they haven't missed a meal yet.

  4. oh my! Thank goodness for Remy and Bolt. :)

  5. Thanks! They are of course lots of work but it is so rewarding to watch them grow up into happy healthy adults! They are quite the eaters, maybe I should buy stock in puppy food:-)