Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, July 27, 2012

Long time no post.... and travels

Well I've had lots going on and not much desire to post lately.  Been a tough couple of weeks....
The time has finally come for our big trek across the country to New Mexico again, this time we are trialling dogs!  Patsy, Abby and I will make our ASCA debut on all three stock.  It is going to be an intense 4 days I'm sure!
I am excited to be able to visit Wimberley and Nathan in Texas with their new baby boy, Levi too:-))
Lastly, my friend Debby R gave me to most wonderful good bye present, shown below.  This is an original oil painting of Beli from one of his many photos.  I am so touched, what a wonderful very thoughtful gift;-)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot, hot, hot

The dogs are just trying to stay cool these days, no running about until the late, late walk:-))

Abby making a cool spot

Pheobe found one

until her sister pounced on her...

Rudy has one too

Sally made one.
Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat wave!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lost Cardigan, please help

If you know anyone in the Oklahoma City area, please alert them to this poster.  I'm sure Oz is scared as are all of those that care about him.  Help bring him home safe and sound!