Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pre-trip to do list

First every travelling dog must be clean! No duck water to jump in at the hotel:-)) No goat poop to eat/roll in, so to the showers both of you!

Yes that is pure spite in Sallys eye, no one should ever get to see the "Big tuff working dog" having a bath!

Second, you much make sure to rinse well, and look as pitiful as possible! Poor Weedy (Evy)!
Well while the dogs are not real enthused about their day, I've gotten what I needed too done. Dogs are washed, car is vacuumed, bags are out of storage, clothes being washed and I am ready for a nap!
We are leaving on a week long excursion up to MA for a clinic/seminar and Instinct tests. My good friend Wimberley will be here to tomorrow evening and we are hitting the road on Wednesday. Hopefully it will be a smooth trip and we'll be in Sturbridge by Thursday morning. I hope the weather holds out and is cooler there. I hate FL this time of year, but I wouldn't trade it when MA is under snow, YUCK!:-)) So hopefully I'll remember to take pics this time and I'll see some folks up there!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rosy's National Pic 1

Well here is the first pic, finally scanned. Not wild about the pic... I hope the sweeps placement turned out a bit better! Otherwise will have to use a home pic for her Bulletin ad!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Faith 15wks

These are the best we could do for now. Faith does not like to hold still and gets a little girly when you try to "make" her do anything. So she did ok stacking, we'll have to work a little bit on it.

Faith front

I don't know where the loppy ears came from??? I guess I better start taping again!

Rescue houndX available

This cute little guy was found roadside in south central FL, he seems about 10 months old probably BassettX of some kind with his front assembly. His name is Fred, he's very sweet and friendly but is sensitive to loud or harsh words so needs a home that will be kind and sweet to him! Please let me know if there is anyone that is interested, delivery to more northern states we may be able to work out in the next week to 10 days. Fred deserves a wonderful home!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Litter plans

I'm so excited to look forward to another litter now that I'm sure Sally did not take. I've been agonizing over who to breed Abby too for quite a while now and here he is!
Cornerstone's Wonderful Thing (14 points, 1 major)
Tigger is OFA prelim Fair, elbows normal, eyes normal, PRA tested clear

Raglans It had to be Ewe HXAs (pointed) CERF normal, PRA line cleared

Tigger and Abby compliment each other well phenotypically and I like the genotypic cross as well. I'm hoping for some nice black and blue babies this summer/Fall. On a bad note I'm sorry to say that I did not get into nursing school for the Fall, I'm looking into some other options though... So I'll have plenty of time for puppies this summer/Fall (hint, hint Abby:-))

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday dogs and more pics...

So first I'll start with the birthday intros! Lots of Bdays this month Laura is now 6yrs old and Abby and Oliver will be 5yrs at the end of the month. They were my Memorial day emergency C-section at the University of FL, but I had 11 healthy babies to take home! So Happy Birthday to all the LibbyXToken kids! They will be the pictures of the month for the header as well

Abby posing after her romp around with everyone.

Oliver looking over the situation, love this pic:-)

Rudy and Wish having a tan dog convention, I don't think Wish will want to attend that next year! Really Wish is getting along fine with everyone for the most part, Rudy just doesn't always like to be bothered to play.

Sally waiting for Abby to come back around on the romp so she can join in

She got in on it but had to stop to correct Faith for some misbehavior

Beli looking over everything before wandering off to hunt the gophers.

Miss Rosy looking very cute just as I was leaving the back pasture. She is such a very sweet girl.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Promised pics...

So first Faith whom I have not taken pictures of in quite a while. She is doing great, little trouble maker that she is! She did get her first chance on sheep this weekend. She was just on the defensive wanted to go after the sheep for protection not herding. We'll give her another couple of weeks and try again. She ended up getting stepped on:-))

Mr Oli being a goof trying to get my attention:-)

Like mother, like daughter... I kid you not, this is something they did on their own...

Sally resting inside this afternoon. It is blistering hot here 98 degrees yesterday afternoon so we are staying where there is air conditioning when possible. Which by the way was out of commision yesterday too!

Evy giving everything her watchful eye

Finally Wish playing with Rosy. He really warmed up to everyone today, even tried getting Rudy to play, it didn't happen but Wish wanted to and thats what counts.

Wish resting under the tree with everyone. He is a bit more affected by the heat right now but he'll get used to it too.

Rosy's home and she brought a friend!

Well I got my girly back yesterday afternoon. She was so happy to be home she immediately went to be naughty and got into the garbage... Bad Rosy! I'm happy to have her home though, my pack feels whole again plus one. I also got Wish (Ch Cornerstone's All My Wishes HSAsd), he has come to live with us too. Wish had some not so friendly habits with other dogs. I have 9 Cardigans that live here and they all get along for the most part. From time to time girls will have spats but the boys really are pretty good, never anything bad... So to celebrate Wish and Rosy's arrival we took a big walk all together. Rosy had so much fun bounding around checking out all of the smells that she had missed, the girls where glad to see here too and had to hear about her big adventure! Wish was very unsure of this big crew, but Evy was the first to greet and say all is well. Everyone had a sniff and moved on. Wish was not to certain of all this but went along with it. He did not share friendliness with anyone but wasn't sure either. By our return to the house everyone was getting on fine. Wish is settling in well now and I got tail wags to the other dogs this morning. I'll get pics this afternoon...
I just have to say Evy is the best gauge of dog intent of my group. I know without any doubt if there is something to worry about by Evy's reaction to a new dog. I've had biters and aggressive large dogs come that had previous issues but Evy tells me if I need to be concerned or she will jump in and try to make them behave. I love that! So our pack is intact once again plus one... So pictures this afternoon I hope!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thats a wrap!!

A huge Congrats to Harry P for his BOB at the Nationals, well deserved for such a nice dog. Also congrats to Jennifer Roberson on Ribbons BOS! I'm sad that its over, no rushing to the computer for results but there is always next year!:-))