Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A break from our regular program...

So I had to brag on the fruits of our farm! The above pic is a pear crumble, made with farm fresh pears off of my mothers tree. Just a touch of dried cranberry for some tartness and buttery, brown sugary, oatmealy topping it is way yummy if I do say so myself!
These are my canning efforts from this month. A neighbor offered us some grapes so I brought home a 5 gallon bucket full and got 2 batches of jelly and some juice left over for breakfast. My mothers fig trees are bearing really well this year so the lighter colored jam is fig. Fig jam is very pretty to look at in the jar and YUMMY on toast or pork roast. I can't wait to find apples in NC to can those as well, we'll be stocked up for Christmas and next year!

Feeding time!

Looks nice from here, thats how it always looks. Clean, bright and peaceful but after they are done it looks like a bomb went off!
Buzz and Nemo have a chat after lunch:-))

Flora trying to hurry Bolt along

Cinder trying to interest the boys in some after lunch trouble, what is it with these girls?:-))

Remy and Bolt trying to clean up after lunch, they are quite the clean puppies. Everyone was more worried in getting the yummy stuff off of themselves than eating what was in the bowl. They are starting to get the hang of it now on the third meal. Off to mop my room now that there is puppy gruel all over it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Puppy pics with names

Nemo, Cryptic boy
Cinder, Black girl #2

Flora, Black girl #3

Dory, Black girl #1

Alis and Crush, Blues

Remy, Black boy #4

Elliot, Black boy #3

Buzz, Black boy #5

Boo, Black boy #2

Bolt, Black boy #1

Ok I think we got everyone! So now you can have a face with the name:-)) The babies are growing more everyday, waking me up early barking and crying for mom now. Its amazing how time flies!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Babies 2 wk Birthday dinner

Group pic from dinner tonight. Abby is not nearly as eager to jump in the box now:-)) Once she's in she settles in for the long haul though. These babies are so clean and content for such a large litter too, Abby is such a good mommy but I'm sure she'll be happy when they aren't sucking the life out of her!! More eyes opening all the time, I saw one completely opened on Cinder, yeah!!! Now starts the real fun and work!

Names, introducing...

I will apologize in advance for not having pictures to go with the naming ceremony, my camera just hates the indoors. So I will give the names today on the babies 2 week old birthday and I will give the pics with them over the weekend when Carol comes (I hope) for pics again.

We also have all kinds of eye cracks today and the first of many weeks of puppy play in the box last night. It always amazes me the fun things puppies do even when they can't see or hear things!


Puppy #1 Black male- Raglans Bolt- Bolt

Puppy #2 Black female- Raglan Just Keep Swimming- Dory

Puppy #3 Black male- Raglans Monsters Inc- Boo

Puppy #4 Black male-Raglans Petes Dragon- Elliot

Puppy #5 Black male- Raglans Ratatouille- Remy

Puppy #6 Black female- Raglans Fairy Tale- Cinder

Puppy #7 Black female- Raglans Sleeping Beauty- Flora

Puppy #8 Black male- Raglans To Infinity and Beyond- Buzz

Puppy #9 Blue male- Raglans Cool Dude- Crush

Puppy #10 Cryptic male- Raglans Finding Nemo- Nemo

Puppy #11 Blue female- Raglans Queen of Hearts- Alis

Thank you to everyone who helped with names! I really love the names in this group:-))

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cute little babies

Well u can't say they aren't getting any food! Its like a feeding frenzy everytime Abby is in the box, she can't even lay down anymore!
The three black sisters....

Spooning- Brother/sisterly love, Ahhhh:-))

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Black boys @ 10 days

OK I think blogger and I have it worked out now:-))
Black boy #1, he has struggled a little to gain weight but everyone is over a lb now
Black boy #2, minimal white and the smallest of the litter, he did reach a lb today though, yeah!

Black boy #3, sorry about the hair attached to my finger:-))

Black boy #4, pretty white collar

Black boy #5, The biggest of the litter, he passed the blue monster 2 days ago!

Black girls and blues 10 days

The babies and Abby are doing great! Carol helped take these pics today of all the babies as well as some cute pics. So blogger and I are still fighting about the order of download but here they are in the wrong order again.
Black girl #3, very big girl
Black girl #2, another big un, she and her above sis are 1.5lbs

Black girl #1, did not want to cooperate with pics but this way you can see her whole body:-)

Blue monster boy, what a pretty puppy! Just like daddy:-))
Blue girl, middle of the pack

Cryptic boy, getting his black spots on his nose.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The puppies are getting plenty of it! Not me:-)) Notice the blue boy trying to gnaw the leg off the other puppy:-))))

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

6 days

Hungry babies! Except for the fat blue boy, he's a monster!
The whole family, minus a couple that were off snoozing:-))

Monday, August 16, 2010

Litter theme

OK, the theme for this litter, in honour of Daddy, Tigger (Ch Cornerstones Wonderful Thing) is Disney characters. Tiggers mom, Jill, has already come up with a great list of names here, plus just a couple that I came up with. Any more suggestions??

Raglan's Love Bug Call name: Herbie
Raglan Bug's Life Call names: Flik, Hopper or Atta
Raglan's Little Mermaid Call name: Ariel ... or Ursula!
Raglan's New Groove (Emperor's New Groove) Call names: Kuzco, Pacha, Kronk
Raglan's Incredible (The Incredibles) Call names: Bob, Helen, Dash, or Violet
Raglan's National Treasure Call name: Benjamin or Ben
Raglan's Ratatouille Call name: Remy
Raglans One Cool Dude Call name: Crush (Finding Nemo)
Raglans Finding Nemo Call name: Nemo ( I like this one for the cryptic boy:-))
Raglans Just Keep Swimming Call name: Dory

Baby pics and Beli

Cute little baby belly:-))
The old guy taking a nap on the couch:-))

The whole group, the 11th puppy is in the bottom, you can only see its back leg. Its hard to get the whole crew in one photo:-))
Everyone is doing better now, Abby has gotten much better too. There is much more milk and everyone is pretty happy, only two puppies are still being tube fed.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Black boys pics

So you may have noticed that there are actually 7 boys total. Duh, I just took the vets word for it and didn't bother to do a final count once I got home and numbered everyone. So the final count is 7/4, colors are still correct:-))
So the really fun part about this is that this litter of 11 was born on Libby's birthday (Ch Cornerstone Lady Liberty HXAs, my ever so talented girl that is now retired living with my best friend Carol! So her grandpups were born on her 9th Birthday! And the color breakdown is the same as her litter of 11 too!

Girls and the blues

Blue boy #1
Cryptic blue boy, head... You can see the blue on the right side of his face

Body spots and a couple of spots in his collar

Cryptic boy again...

Blue girl

Black girl, don't know the numbers at this point cuz blogger is not cooperating!

Black girl again

Black girl too...
I'll try to get the black boys to upload in another post