Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby pics and Beli

Cute little baby belly:-))
The old guy taking a nap on the couch:-))

The whole group, the 11th puppy is in the bottom, you can only see its back leg. Its hard to get the whole crew in one photo:-))
Everyone is doing better now, Abby has gotten much better too. There is much more milk and everyone is pretty happy, only two puppies are still being tube fed.


  1. Seeing a definite family resemblance there between cute baby belly and cute Beli belly! Abby looks MUCH happier now.

  2. What a beautiful family!! :-)

    Beli looks very content too!

  3. A lovely gang of babies. I am so pleased for you. Beli deserves to air himself out on the couch.