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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend puppy pics

Warning lots of pics! The trio were just too cute this weekend. Clumsily running around playing with Sally, who is the best babysitter ever!

Brenn's tummy, he loves to roll around on his back

Faith and Sally have unspoken words, I think Sally said "Come on you need to play its lots of fun" and then Faith said " I'd rather not I might get all my pretty white dirty". Sally won her over to the dark, er... dirty side eventually.

See the dirt particles on Faith now?:-)

Faith and her pretty free stack

Trace says to Sally "When I grow up I want to be just like you", I say "No you don't!":-)

Trace and Sally having a good time so he can learn all of her dirty tricks. I guess I should have re-thought the babysitter? That is why parents don't hire babysitters with piercings all over and fishnet tights, I guess.

Trace and Faith finally get to play with someone their own size.

Sally finally got Brenn right where she wanted him, and he loved it! He is turning out to be quite the little Beli troublemaker of the group. But its always in the most adorable way!

Brenn finally starting to wind down and can you see the bubble above Faiths head as she heads off? She looks like trouble, I think she snuck off with some sheep wool.

Oh there it is Brenn stole it back!:-)) What fun it is to be a puppy! He sure is proud of that fuzz, look at that tail!

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  1. Amy, Thank you for the puppy-fix. They're just perfect! They really look lik ethey enjoyed their outing.