Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stacked pics

I got new stacked pics of some of the dogs! Rita Hellegers came out and helped take pics, I just had to whip up biscuits and homeade Chicken Noodle soup for a bribe:-))

Cornerstone Revalation at Raglan
(Beli X Mara) at almost 11 months
Is'nt she pretty!! I just love her... And works like a dream too, I'm going to try for pics of that tomorrow!

Raglans It had to be Ewe "Abby"
(Token X Libby) at 4.5yrs
Not the best of Abby but she is hard to get good pics of she gets really girly if you try and force stack her. She is entered next month to try and get her HX, fingers crossed... I really need to send her out to finish though!

Raglans Ewe Too HSAs "Sally"
(Beli X Abby)
Nice pic of Sally, its the only one I have. So much I do like about her, what a fantastic natural herding dog! And her humour! At only 2.5yrs old, she already has RHIT, HIT and placements in her large started classes here in FL. Very smart and just the puppy that could'nt leave here...
I'll try and post some of the others. We got to take some of Oliver X Laura puppies at 8 months and also Beli's granddaughter.

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