Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First lambs are here!

So last night we began lambing, 2010 lambing is under way! I forgot how much work it is:-)) Both maiden ewes one yearling and one two year old. Cocoa (yearling) had a nice ram lamb, with difficulty and then thought he might be the boogey man, all is well now though. Second (1hr later) 35, had a HUGE ewe lamb, I rather hoped that she would twin but oh well. The lamb is suprizingly alive this am with some breathing difficulty. She is doing much better though and will hopefully pull through. 35 is a wonderful mother, just like her mom.

35 and ewe lamb

Cocoa and ram lamb nursing

Cocoa and ram lamb '10


  1. What kind of sheep do you have. I don't know enough to identify breeds.

  2. These guys are commercial Katahdin, there are some DorperXKatahdins in all of them so basically they are dog working meat sheep.:-))