Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, February 27, 2010

More lambies...

The two white ram lambs were actually born Thursday morning, just took me a while to get pics and post them. This is the last of the first string of babies. The older girls are also bred 3-4 of them and they are at least 3-4 wks out I think, big, just no bags yet.

Whos who?? This is the first day the white babies were turned out so they are still trying to figure out who mom is...

This is Bumbly 09's ram lamb, he's pretty cute actually. She is one of my favorite ewes anyway, very nice temperment, both to work and be around, also nicely built. She was a maiden this year as well.

This is Hope '09 with her ram lamb again, the pic just turned out real nice:-)

Bumbly '09 ram lamb with a big jump right before playing small racetracs with the other lambs.

Cute photo op... The black ewe on the right is the other Thursday baby. Funny the ewes are almost identically marked, year apart in age though.

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  1. Amy, What type of sheep are they? Just curious. They are adorable.