Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cuter everyday!

The babies are cuter than ever! Its been a crazy week but they have been really easy. They are doing really well with potty training. I usually only have one mess from overnight and they cry to go out in the am. They've been sleeping through the night from 9pm to about 7am but its earlier than that when they start crying... What a fun group they are!

Trace is just as sweet as they come. A big boy but loves his people...

The troublemakers... Brenn and Faith are usually into something. If not he is beating her up

Trace and Faith playing King of the Mountain (of mushroom compost) they had a ball trying to run up the mound and then rolling down. Funny... Quite the explorers:-)


  1. Wonderful puppy pics in both posts! Thanks for the great puppy fix!

  2. You are always welcome! They are sweet little guys, except for Faith who is being a monster!