Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oliver X Laura kids

Here are Oliver and two of his pups from Laura, last year.

Ch Raglan Oliver at Arylan PT
(Token X Libby) at 4.5yrs
Oliver is a wonderful dog, I love him to pieces and am so glad to have him back here again! Just got his PT in December, lots of heel to him, when working. These two pups looked good the one time we had them on stock too! Sorry no grooming, now I sure wish I had:-)

Cornerstone's Rejoice "Joy"
(Oliver X Laura) at 8 months

Cornerstone's No Intro Needed
(Oliver X Laura) at 8 months
Both very nice puppies. Nick is really coming into himself now those big pretty boys just need some time:-) What nice expressions they both have too! Their brother Mio in VT just got his first points last weekend, first weekend out! Yeah....
Thanks again Rita!


  1. What a lovely family!!

    BTW Mio is in VT - but just over the border from NY.