Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Great Outdoors

The puppies got their first taste of the outdoors today. It was a beautiful day today and seemed like the perfect idea.

Faith did not like the idea at all. She is not yet fond of change, she cried the whole time, well until she fell asleep.

Trace was just glad that all of us were around, he loves his people!

Brenn had the best time of them all! He was trucking around the deck checking out all the other dogs and thought it was the greatest idea ever, I'm glad we could agree on something.

This is Brenn on his adventure. I did not expect this of him, so he's moving right along. Faith is sure to follow soon but she is definitly her mothers daughter right now.
Sorry there are no gruel pics, those are soon to come! They are eating really well but I've not been able to get great pics of them. I will try this week.

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