Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Finally got puppy pics this week, its been crazy! They are big, up on their feet and trucking around now. I try and take them to different rooms on different surfaces every day or so. They are doing great, I will start weaning this weekend and boy are they ready! I chose to make Strawberry Jam and yogurt yesterday instead of puppy mix, bad mom I am... They are very playful and tail wagging already!
So hopefully I'll get some pics of their first meals this weekend, maybe even tomorrow.

Trace and Brenn

Faith and Brenn

Faith again, she sure is cute!

Trace, he is as cute and sweet as they come! First one to come greet me waggin his tail the whole way:-))


  1. oh my goodness, look at those eyes. They are really beautiful and I am really liking Faith.

  2. What cutie-pies! You are so lucky!

  3. I can just see those little minds working. Now if they can get their bodies to do their bidding, they will be really good to go!

  4. They are absolutely precious!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! Faith is still my favorite too Julie but Brenn is still in the running. They are all getting so cute and so much fun to watch them play now!