Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Introductions and Industrialism...

Introducing Beli and Lauras puppies... I want to see if anyone can tell me what the theme is??

Boy #1- now known as Trace- Raglans Rough and Ready

Boy #2 now known as Brenn- Raglans Simple Things

The girl now known as Faith- Raglans Wild One

Lastly in other industrious news... I got a hay feeder put up in the barn. I think the ewes are a month out, maybe some are less, spotty boy ram must have taken a while to get down to business... bugger. So the first year bred ewes are now in the barn getting fed since they lost some condition while being worked and in the field. They finally look better as evidenced by this photo and are being LOUD little piggies in the barn. So I cleaned the barn stall and put up a hay feeder since the rain lately has soaked theirs before they'll eat it. The black ewe in the pic with the hay is Bumbly she's one of my original sheep:-)

and here are the little piggies... white one is Bumbly's lamb from last year.


  1. Awe sheepies and puppies, so cute!!

  2. Country music? (Musicians and their songs)

  3. PS Wild One is like my life theme song ;) heehee

  4. That did'nt take long! Yup, plus the added bonus that Faith Hill and Brenn Hill both share my last name!:-))

  5. Ahhh! I didn't catch it as I don't listen to much country music. Very cute! They are gorgeous Amy.

  6. Oh, I love their names. They are all adorable!