Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly pics...

So I was too chicken to join the 52 weeks of dog pics group. I just did'nt know if I could pick just one dog to do all year. My idea was to do pics of one dog each month and the dog of the month would be the birthday dog or another of my choosing:-)) Of course there will be repeats. January is Belis 12th birthday, next week on the 14th! Yeah!!! But my computer is broken so I am trying to get around to taking some new pics of him to download. I want him to be the cover pic but alas it must be a good pic too. I'll try and work him tomorrow just a little and get a couple pics or something, even with our poor weather outlook. I guess best laid plans... I'm really upset though I was looking forward to taking some pics.
I will also get some pics of Fern since she has been here. She looks to go home again tomorrow but has done very well here. She has put on some weight and seems to be a little more comfy walking. She and Rosy are playing kissy face as I type this, Very Cute!

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