Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, January 9, 2010

FL Snow, Beli pic, Fern...

OK before those of you that live up north say anything, I know its more like a sprinkling of very small hail but for us FL folks its SNOW! So yes I have proof in pictures that we had "snow" here. 3 years ago we had "snow"but it did'nt even stay on the ground for 10 seconds. This time we actually had snow on things for hours. I think its gone now but how much fun! I wish I could be outside sledding but thats why I can work dogs year round and not have to worry about too much snow for little corgi legs!

So don't laugh too hard at my FL snow pics just humour me if you will for one day:-))

The weather was not fun to try and take any decent pics of Beli today. So his sleeping on the couch one of his very favorite daily tasks is going to have to do for now. I had to catch him napping as he really wanted to go out and play with everyone this morning. I really like the close up of his face, so very peaceful!

Last but not least Fern is leaving today, I tried to get a good pic of her but that did'nt work so you get a crappy pic of her. At least its something at this point. Since its cold to us FL folk (people and dogs) she had to have a jacket on for some protection since her butt is still naked!:-)


  1. Poor nekkid Fern! I'm glad she's recovering from her ordeal.

    And I'll keep my snickering at the "snow" to myself. ;-)

  2. Fern is doing just great on recovery. She got her stitches out today. Of course she wowed the vet tech by holding very still and making sure to lick her hands once or twice during the process. After that she got a long awaited bath which made her mommy very happy.

  3. Thats great Kirsten! So glad she is getting back to her Ferny self at home now. I'm sure she feels better after her bath too. Thanks for the update.

  4. poor fern! glad she is on the mend, and doing well at home!

  5. Kirsten, hi, Amy's friend Carol here (I was there the first night Fern took off), anyway, I want to let you know that I was never so happy to see little Fern at Amy's. She was so sweet. I'm glad she has such a good home and it's heart warming to see how much you care about her. Hope all goes well during her healing stage. Once a Cardi owner, ALWAYS a Cardi owner! :)