Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pups again... 1wk

I'm not sure why I could'nt get these to load properly yesterday but here are a couple more pics. First is the girl and more white boy, cute kissy picture:-)

Mom and babies, you can see how big they are in this one. I just love puppy tails when they are nursing. Tails up and happy puppy grunts are all you can hear. Laura looks very unimpressed by the whole thing and is wondering why I bothered her and the pups to put them through the torture of pictures.
I forgot to say yesterday but Boy #1 is 2lbs now, #2(Girl) is 1lb 12oz and #3 boy is 1lb 13oz, very big for my average. I'll get some more pics over the weekend while I'm thinking of names for everyone.

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