Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, January 29, 2010

Six words

What a wonderful goodbye for Patricia's dog Lassie, for so many people to join in the 6 word story! I hope this helps to heal Patricias heart for her dog. I thought it was really eye opening to try and capture all that you feel about or from your dog in only 6 words. Fun though! So here are my 7 it really did take some thought!

Beli-Communicator, Charming, Comical, Witty, Wise Worker
Evy- Balanced, speedy, unending devotion, unlikely educator.
Abby- Regal, alert, worry wart, moms legacy.
Oliver- Silly, devoted, happy boy, rests easily
Sally- Wicked smart, Driving born, Inate comedian.
Rosy- Sweet, cheery, Beautiful, Working fool, rascal.
Laura- Maternal, Independent, prim and proper Princess

It was really fun to read the 6 words for Beli's other kids that are out there too, I especially like Zsa's!:-)) Sally, Evy, Rosy, Pixel and Zsa are all from the same dad, pretty close on moms side too. Evy was like that as a pup now she has matured into a wonderful adult, there is hope Holly and Amanda!:-)


  1. :-) I figured there was hope LOL. Zsa Zsa is entered in a show next weekend. My friend is handling her as it is over 6 hrs away for me. Wish her luck!