Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, January 31, 2010


The puppies enjoyed more sleep... growing puppies need their rest after all.

Boy #1

Boy #2

Abby really wants in to see them. Laura still says no, she is a brat!

Eyes are starting to open should be all the way mid to late week. They are still growing by leaps and bounds, and are just too cute:-)
Sorry for the quality of photos. My camera does not like indoor pics, and the puppies are in the darkest, and warmest corner of their box. It may have helped if I'd have taken pics during the day when I could have opened the window for more light.
On another note, I got all the dogs worked today. Well Evy just got to do chores but I got real honest to goodness training on everyone else. Rosy, Sally and Abby got really good work done. Rosy got to work the big field for the first time and even started mini outruns and did really well! Yeah for Rosy:-)) If I get something similar to her in this litter I'll be in business, as they say, what business I don't know:-))

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