Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beautiful day!

Well the weather is back being awesome for the most part, if you like it warm! It was near 80 for a couple days, I think a front is moving in again now. We have had some really pretty weather so I thought I would take all the dogs for a walk and do some pics. It was fun but since we all kind of parked it under the shade tree its not the best lighting for some of the pics. I will share some now others will just have to wait for "their" dogs month!:-)) I'm so enamored with Belis banner pic it will stay for now, I just love it so...

Mr Oli such a sweet boy and loves to bring things back for me. He looks quite happy with himself!

Rudy (EvyXGlade), my mothers dog, such a pretty boy and so sweet. I love the bright blue sky behind him. He was waiting for the two trouble maker girls to come back, they were back shortly
after to help cause more trouble!

These two are non stop. I still am amazed at the athleticism of Sally. She can contort her body in ways only she and God know are possible. I was laughing to hard when it happened but she jumped on the golf cart, to the seat, then to the back (which is a platform) and off the back before anyone could say anything. She pounced right in front of Rosy almost made her come out of her skin. Then Sally goes tearing off with the best and biggest smile on her face ever!
I know it looks awful but if I tell Sally to quit Rosy is biting her tail to get her to play again. It was fun sitting and taking pics with the dogs though I would love to post more blogger is running a bit slow so better not tonight.


  1. the picture of rosy and sally is great...i love rosy's color- all that dark!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I do love the play shots, plus usually that is the only way I can take pics of the two of them. Rosy is turning out to be a very pretty girl!
    Also thanks Jinnie! Oliver is doing great, very sweet boy, just hard to get good pics of:-)