Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting right!

So many goals for the new year, most involve getting out and working dogs why not start the year that way? I worked every dog this morning, even the puppies! No pics of the adults today its been so long since they've been worked had to work out some kinks... Everyone did really well. Sally did a great job shedding our working group and moving everyone to the back of the farm. Got a couple of good outruns from her too. Abby did FABULOUS! Abby took all of her flanks, did some beautiful outruns, nice driving, couple of really nice sheds too; just great overall work.
Both puppies did really well, this was probably their 2-3 time on sheep. Remy is pretty laid back but doesn't mind taking hocks from time to time (or tails if they are available). Dory is very intense and focused, always wanted to find balance. She reminds me a lot of Abby and grandma Libby; that is very exciting!

Remy boy bringing his sheep
He's a bit slower than Dory which is good for pics, he was really boogeying to get to balance here though!

Nice distance off his sheep and going around nicely here.

Dory getting down and dirty:-))

Yes that is sheep wool she is carrying, like I said focused! She grabbed it and kept on going, had to show it off to Remy when she was done.
Rosy did some really nice outruns and flanks. No fighting today nice and smooth. Her drive transitions are really nice and she is walking into pressure REALLY well. I'm looking forward to trialling her this year!
Finally Evy... Evy was rusty we had to dust out her ears for a bit:-)) She did some really nice outruns from my side in my big pasture opened up. Great job driving and shedding; even working a single and look backs after sheds. Lots of work on her before trial season but she'll do it no issue.
Both Abby and Evy got a second adjustment and are feeling great, running smoothly and soundly! So we are starting our 2011 the right way with some great VERY happy dogs working the farm!


  1. Bolt wants to know if Dory will share her wool with him! They all look awesome!

  2. You must have the happiest Cardigans!It must be Heaven on Earth for them to get so much herding time! Lucky dogs!