Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gettin' work

No pics to prove it but I have been working dogs everyday this week. Diane M. from MA has been here since Monday and every afternoon I've worked at least two dogs! Yeah for me and the girls:-) Sally and Rosy were yesterday and they both did pretty well. They both got to pen and do some decent outruns. Rosy just needs lots of miles before March! Sally is coming along and I'll be deciding soon whether to run her here this Spring or wait. Evy and Abby got worked today; Abby held sheep and did a couple outruns, did pretty nicely. Evy worked quite a while; she did some outruns driving and shedding. Outruns could be better but I did get some flanking work done, squaring her off. Driving was ok, shedding was pretty good; still improvements to be made.
So far the new year is going according to plan:-))


  1. I envy your work ethic! I am a snow weenie. Another reason I should move to Florida!

  2. Sounds like the good out weighs the bad, in favor of a move to FL!:-)) Its early in the year yet, I hope I'm able to keep the fire burning!

  3. Grace is wondering if you would notice if a red girl just showed up to play? I caught her searching for plane fair on line...

  4. Hehehee, Red dogs stick out here! Brindle would probably have a better shot. One never knows though...:-))