Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick show report

I'm an idiot and forgot my ring time on Sat so didn't make the show.... Thankfully I didnt' break a major, I know I would've been tarred and feathered for that!
Sunday was cold and damp but Abby showed really well and we were RWB. I'm happy with that and the quality of entry. So next weekend Rosy and Abby both get to strut their stuff!


  1. You go, girls! (That includes you, too, Amy!)

  2. Congrats Amy and Abby! Sorry I missed you both...I will probably be at the show Saturday...FYI your show time is 10:30am ring 3, maybe make a note of that...hee,hee,hee :) I think I am bringing Coal with me just so he has an outing! See you all then....