Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dog News

Beli is part of an article that is featured in the magazine "Dog News". It was released this week, I'm hoping someone might be able to get their hands on a hard copy for me and Rita, so if anyone is out and about at a dog show this weekend, please keep your eyes peeled! If you are interested in reading the article it is online at . The article is aptly named " Cardigans Are not Lapdogs".


  1. I bet if you contacted Dog News they would send you a couple of free copies.

  2. Already did though they have not gotten back to me. Last time they were not very helpful about sending any copies...

  3. Amy,
    I asked a friend of mine that was at the Ocala shows this weekend to try to get me some copies but she told me they were available last weekend in Brooksville and that Red Barn had very few copies and even she was unable to get her hands on a copy. Sorry :( I tried! I will ask a few other people I know that were in Brooksville and see what I can come up with....Michele