Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lotsa updates!

I've gotten lots of great updates over the past week or so. First here is Nemo, now Cooper, sacked out after having a big playtime with his big brother Jackson the Pem. I got the most fabulous update from Jay last night, he is doing fabulous there!

Secondly I got updates and pics of Bolt too. He is doing wonderfully and growing into a beautiful adult boy, albeit slowly:-))

Then we got more baby Aussie pics:-)) Here they are eating their first meal, thats always so much fun for all involved. I can hear smacking puppies now...:-)) The breeders are putting great updates on their site Legends Aussies .

I can't wait for the next updates!

I've also gotten updates from Flora and Alice. They are both doing wonderful in their new homes. Here is a pic of Alice and her buddy Moose playing in the frigid north.


  1. Wonderful updates! I'll certainly be visiting the Legends site. Alice looks a lot like her dad in that picture, crouching the snow and waiting to POUNCE.

  2. Darn you for sharing the Aussies picture. I have fallen totally in love with the boy from the older litter. I am completely smitten.