Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, January 13, 2011

13 isn't really THAT old!

Well it isn't is it?? Cardigans should be allowed to live forever!:-)) So Beli's birthday is tomorrow and since I have shows this weekend I wanted to make sure I took some special pics and blogged Beli.

Evy says "Dont say my Dad is old!"

Beli says "Just throw the stick, really THROW IT"
"See I'll bring it back every time!" Young whippersnappers don't know what they are talkin' bout!

Abby says " You may be old but I'm not sharin' my egg with the likes of you!"

Evy " You may be my pops, but I'm not sharin' my stick either!"

Beli just laughs...

Nobody will share with me but I'm still the happiest guy around! Cuz I'm 13 and proud of it~:-))


  1. Uh-oh, you better look out! You've got a teenager on your hands :-) Happy B-Day Beli!

  2. 13 is not that old!! Happy Birthday Beli!!

  3. Beli looks great Amy!! Happy Birthday Beli!

  4. Pixel wanted to wish her dad a Happy Birthday!!!! He looks amazing for 13!!!

  5. You're the cutest guy around--even at 13!
    Love you Beli and Amy!
    From Rudy, Marla and Mr Ike's mom

  6. Awww, I love those pictures of the Boop. Happy Birthday Little Guy!
    Love Carol, Dibbers & and your chip off the ol' block, Tag

  7. What a happy handsome fellow! Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

  8. Happy Birthday, Beli! He looks awesome at 13.

  9. Happy Birthday Dear Beli! You are the greatest!

  10. Thanks everybody! Beli had a great day at the office he had a huge knuckle bone and yummy can food for dinner, Campfire Trout Feast! He even got to hold sheep for doctoring so he was one happy boy!