Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Trip

Today was the first longer trip in the car. We went to the vet.... The babies got their microchips and first shots today. Everyone is healthy and no one even acted like they felt the chips:-)) They were quite good in the car too, the drive is almost an hour. There were only a couple crys and howls then all was quiet. This pic is when we arrived home so they were ready to get out of there and do some exploring.

Alis found her favorite plant and planted herself to chew on it!

Dory found a shady spot.
The babies have had a big week! They started sleeping in crates overnight this week and are doing great! No messes, they are sleeping 11-7! Yeah for me, I get more sleep than I've had in about 7 wks:-)) They also started going to work with me last week so they have been riding in the car every morning and get to visit all sorts of folks that come into the office. We don't have a lot of traffic through and when its slow they get to come inside the office even! They love running around and exploring the office, all sorts of stuff to chew on and destroy:-))


  1. Your puppy people are going to get some nicely socialized little dogs!

  2. Fern and I were watching your puppy videos, and Fern barked her hello when she heard your voice.

  3. Ahhh.. Hello right back at ya Fernie!
    The pups are getting a good jumpstart on socialization anyway, still a long way to go yet!:-))

  4. Tigger wants to know if you've taught the kids to honk the car horn yet. Beep beep!