Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Childs play

Well puppies playing so even better! We had a good time playing in the bedroom again. Its just too hot outside to let them stay out very long. So after their lunchtime nap we had a big playtime. Crush was behind me most of the time tugging on my shirt so no pics of him:-))

Elliot didn't last long, he past out before things got good! Now he's up while everyone else is sleeping.
Remy leaping (actually ended up running over) Cinder!
Remy and Dory having words, Dory was headed for another naptime so was not in the mood for play.

Alis chewing on the big dog bed.

Flora, I made some crazy noise to get her attention, she does not look happy about it either! Then she came running at me:-))

Nemo and the squeeky, he loves toys!

Remy rolling around getting attention for himself:-))

Bolt climbing Mt Everest (dog bed), he had a blast up there romping around.

Boo ended up curling up for a nap on the sqeeky sheep toy.

Buzz leapt out from under my bed to scare someone but they were past by the time he popped his head out, he was very disappointed:-)


  1. It appears Tigger has passed on his chewing ability to Alis!

  2. They look like they are having a great time adventuring!

  3. Getting anything else done, Amy? I wouldn't be -- just sitting frozen in time, smiling at the puppies' antics.